IMG_1542 Fredericksburg is one of Texas’s German towns. I am not sure why, but in the 1800s there were boatloads of German immigrants to Texas via the port at Galveston. They moved out and settled into farmland in the Texas hill country, right in the heart of Texas and west of Austin, our state capitol. Until recently the local people spoke a German dialect that had evolved in the same way that Cajun French has. We have some small German communities close to where we currently live in Texas and one of our local major thoroughfares has a German name. Naturally, they have fun beer festivals in harvest time. After we had settled into town I drove to a little local town called Luckenbach, population 3. There was a post office, saloon and porta potties for the many ‘interesting’ tourists who were there for the weekend. We were both a bit overwhelmed by the many bikers and their chicks (some were hens…). We could only imagine what it was like in the evening with hundreds of inebriated bikers. We were taking some photos when out of the blue, a guy rode into town riding a long horn steer. Click on the link to read the rest of the story. POSTCARD FROM FREDERICKSBURG click here


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