Lufkin 045 Almost as soon as we arrived back from Fredericksburg, I was desperate to start traveling again. We considered a flight to somewhere but couldn’t be bothered. I wanted water, lake or seaside, not too many tourists and good weather. The gulf coast had a forecast of rain and hotel prices are very inflated during the summer weekends. Finally, I decided on Lufkin which is a little town in East Texas. The big draw was that it is the center of the Big Thicket, the forest that our town is on the edge of, and has huge lakes all around. Lufkin is not really a tourist destination and seems to be slowly getting wealthier from a mixture of traditional industries including logging and rebirth of oil. A smart entrepreneur has bought most of downtown including a condemned hotel and there are now wine bars and chi-chi boutiques. There is a forestry museum and a very small East Texas museum. We were slightly surprised that the area had many Native American tribes – mostly peaceful and settled unlike the infamous Comanche. The local people have a delightfully strong unique accent. My friend who had lived there for 5 years told me to expect two syllables where normally there would be one; hair (Hay-er), for example. The opposite example is Diet (as in Coke) – not two syllables but one; (Dight). Who am I to talk about other people’s accents?? Click on the red link to read more. POSTCARD FROM LUFKIN click here

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