PRAIRIE GRASSES This is a view of the Attwater Prairie Chicken Reserve which is to the south west of Katy in Texas. It is one of the few stretches of coastal prairie that you can see as nature intended. There were vast tracts of this unique ecosystem stretching along the southern coast of Texas through Louisiana. The Attwater Prairie Chicken is the most endangered bird in the United States. Now there are still only a few hundred at most. The Warden said it was very unlikely I would see them as they are most prominent in spring when they mate. It was very hot that day and they like to shelter in cool spots. That said, I was the only visitor there and as I slowly drove around the reserve, two birds flew up a short way and then came down again. I must have startled them with my car which is also quiet. To me they looked exactly like grouse in Scotland which have a very distinctive flight pattern. They have wee fat brown speckled bodies and flap furiously with their short wings. On my return I discussed it with the Warden who was skeptical that I had been so lucky but when we went over the various options of what they could have been, I am pretty sure I saw them, if only briefly. As I left the reserve, I deliberately got ‘lost’ and had so much fun! Click on the red link to read more about my adventure in Katy. POSTCARD FROM KATY, click here

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