Denver 004 This charming young troubadour was sitting behind me on the public bus from Denver Airport to downtown. The girl on the seat opposite him (they were complete strangers) swapped ukuleles with him and they started jamming. A lady from Dallas, about my age, sitting opposite me and was also visiting her husband who was teaching in Denver. We were highly entertained by both of them and took video and photographs, clapping enthusiastically. The sign at the front of the bus stated, NO BEVERAGES, NO FOOD (really?), NO LOUD MUSIC, NO GAMBLING which gave me an inkling of what was in store for us in Denver. The driver looked long-suffering but didn’t tell us to shut up. I was so glad that I was too cheap to use the other expensive transportation from the airport. Halfway through the journey, a very serious young lady with earplugs in got on the bus and told the troubadours, “playing music is not cool and we don’t all want to listen to you!” Dallas and Houston looked at each other and rolled our eyes especially since he had started playing ‘Smoke on the Water’. He was very accomplished and it was such a treat at 10 am. He did apologize to Miss Grumpy and stopped playing but with one little defiant strum on the ukulele before we all disembarked; that made me laugh out loud. The bus took us to Union Station where I transferred to the free mall shuttle bus which goes up and down 16th Street past most of the conference centers and hotels. I had no idea where I was going so just asked everyone on the bus where to go. I received looks of astonishment at my speaking to strangers (not in Texas anymore) but was thoroughly helped by a nice old lady who I later saw begging with a HOMELESS sign. I am pretty sure she wasn’t but you never know… If you would like to read about my husband sleeping with a blonde and redhead on the same trip, click on the red link. POSTCARD FROM DENVER, click here

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