Our Ancestors

ANDY ANCESTRYIMG_9267What do you think when you look at my husband and I?  Perhaps you think that you see mostly Northern European genetics in my photo and maybe a touch of German or Italian in my husband?  Well, we both have mysterious pasts.  My husband was adopted in Scotland and has very limited information about his biological heritage.  My cousins, both paternal and maternal, have created fabulous family trees on websites so you would think that I had a very clear picture of my genetics. For my husband’s birthday I gifted him a DNA test from Ancestry.com and the results were so interesting and satisfying to him that we did the same for my birthday. Let’s just say that it brought up many more questions than it answered and has my imagination flying all over the world, literally.  Click on the red link to see the results. POSTCARD FROM OUR ANCESTORS, click here

5 thoughts on “Our Ancestors

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