wheatridge co 118 This is Clear Creek, Golden, Colorado. It is astonishingly clear and was once panned for gold. If you look at the hill in the background you can see a letter M. Every year the freshmen at the Colorado School of Mines replace the white-washed stones that make up the giant M. Golden is also famous for the Coors Brewery. It amazes me that perfect water can make such insipid beer – is that fighting talk? Somehow the Europeans immigrated to the USA and forgot how to make decent beer… My perfect beer is golden, full of hops, sweet and must have some alcohol in it! Sorry Golden, the rest of the town is fantastic with lovely friendly people. This time I visited new exciting places around Denver with many interesting critters. Lion and tigers and bears, oh my!! Click on the red link to read the rest of the story. POSTCARD FROM GOLDEN, click here


4 thoughts on “Golden

  1. Hi Kerry.
    Well done. Raconteur extraordinaire! I’m loving the postcards and the photographs. I’ve always wanted to travel…perhaps when I retire. Meanwhile ill live vicariously. I love the photos of the mosque and Istanbul.
    Good to see your love of animals is still prevalent. My daughter Annemarie just loves her rescue mutt Alfie . He sends me chris as presents ‘to nana’.
    Hope to hear of your travels soonx
    Love Anne
    Ps you’re looking amazing!


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