white cart and hills This is a lovely view of the River Clyde at Braehead, Renfrew. It was a cold sunny day and the light was beautiful. Glasgow and the River Clyde were famous for shipbuilding, particularly in the last century. I returned to Scotland to attend my aunt and uncle’s Golden Wedding celebration which was held in Renfrew, a small town to the south west of Glasgow. Way back in 1964, I was one of the flower girls at the original wedding. It is hard for me to see the place where I grew up through an objective photographer’s eye but this time I had a quiet morning just to view the river and city in a different way. Glasgow was a European City of Culture in 1990 and is full of wonderful museums and gracious architecture. The English translation of Glasgow is ‘dear green place’ and the early settlers found a fabulous valley between gently rolling hills, fertile with a deep river. The weather is mild from the North Atlantic Drift which brings warm air from the Caribbean to the west of the United Kingdom. The rain makes it green… Click on the red link to read more about me, my family and Glasgow. POSTCARD FROM RENFREW, click here


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