Mama Dove and Babies

mom dove and twins
Isn’t she beautiful? I noticed some bird poop on our driveway and thought it might be one of our many mockingbirds or grackles. It was silent, however, and neither of those are quiet birds… We have a large conifer and one of the branches sits above the driveway into the garage. It was hard to see anything but then I spotted something tiny in a little nest. I recognized that it was a little mourning dove. All doves and pigeons keep their babies in the nest until they are almost full grown which is why you rarely see baby doves. It was so adorable and this is from someone who had to work very hard to get over a bird phobia. On one trip to Monaco, I had to leave early and sit on the bus because I couldn’t stand all the feral pigeons. I zoomed the camera when I noticed Mama in the nest but it was only when I downloaded the photo that I saw there was twins!! Can we have a baby shower? We had an inkling that babies would be coming because we couldn’t sleep at night for all the sexual cooing. It is surprising that such small birds can make so much noise!
When I visited the Attwater Prairie Chicken Reserve the warden told me that he shot and ate Mourning Doves. I laughed at him, as there isn’t much eating on these little critters. You should see the wood pigeons in Scotland. They as big as a fat chicken with beautiful iridescent plumage with shades of gray, purple and green. Now they would make a decent meal… I am glad our Egyptian cats are geriatric and now inside pusses, as the national dish of Egypt is Pigeon.


6 thoughts on “Mama Dove and Babies

  1. There are some Bald Eagles nesting near the construction at Hughes Landing. You will need your zoom lens as they are high up in the tree.


  2. That is a beautiful picture! Nice share, too, considering your phobia!

    Last season, I photographed a Mama Dove on the ground with three babies, and she was bounding about finding items with which to feed them. (I’ll have to check those pictures again to see if they are good enough to post.)

    Happy I don’t live in a region where wild birds are dinner plate specials. I couldn’t get into that habit — unless, perhaps, it was to save my own life. Then…maybe.


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