bridges at waco What do you think about when you hear the name Waco? For most of us, we are taken back to the Waco Siege between a religious group, the Branch Davidians, and the FBI. This followed a gun battle between the group and the ATF. The compound was located outside the city of Waco, Texas. The tranquil scene above reflects my view of what I found in Waco. This is the Brazos River which intersects downtown Waco which is a quiet little university town undeserving of the unfortunate association with the Branch Davidians. Baylor University has a huge campus and there is a strange but fun mix of affluent, gifted students and regular Texan folks – all very friendly and warm. All my friends asked me why I was going on a road trip to Waco, out of all the places you could visit in Texas, but it had always intrigued me. The back road to Waco from Houston is a lovely route with so many beautiful wildflowers and polite drivers! I stopped at a pretty little town named Calvert that was perfect for antiquing and photography. Waco is home to the Texas Rangers museum which was astonishingly interesting and also the Dr. Pepper Museum. Cameron Park Zoo had some very obliging residents who posed so nicely for me. Click on the link to learn more about Waco and see some cute critters. POSTCARD FROM WACO – click here

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