Wolverine at the supermarket…



This is what a real Wolverine looks like but I am really referring to Hugh Jackman’s character in X-men. My nearest supermarket is a part of a huge retail group in the US. It tends to be quieter than some other chains in our area and I enjoy shopping there.  Some years ago we had a check-out lady who had a fabulous southern accent. Not Texas, think Steel Magnolias or Gone with the Wind. There were small queues at both checkouts and the Southern Belle said , “Oh my Lord, I could do with a back rub. Maybe I will ask George in Produce?” The other check-out lady wrinkled her face up in such a look of disgust that we all collapsed laughing. The Southern Belle laughed too and responded, “If I close my eyes, he could be Wolverine”. That was it – hilarity ensued with shrieks of laughter from all of us. Ever since then I looked out for George (that’s not his real name) to see what special back rub skills he might have had. There is certainly no one working there that looks like Hugh Jackman…

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