Please don’t put offensive signs on your car

After driving to the supermarket, I was behind a white behemoth of a car literally plastered with signs. As we were stopped at traffic lights I could see that they were mostly anti-abortion and Christian signs. The one that upset me the most was that she had altered the Coexist sign to say, ‘Only Christians know how to Coexist’. Well, for a start, that’s not true. How quickly we forget about the terrorist atrocities from both Protestant and Catholic factions in the UK. Secondly, it took away from the sensitive, compassionate message of Coexist. She had so many stickers that it was a distraction to other drivers. As she drove off, she was either unfocused, on her cell phone or maybe couldn’t concentrate from the noise of her myriad children, perhaps? Whatever the case, she was veering into my lane and I had to toot the horn to warn her of my presence. It wouldn’t be very pro-life if she killed me, would it?

I have no problem with regular stickers – I have one that says ‘one cat away from crazy cat lady’ which is patently untrue… The stick figure family stickers seem to boast of their fertility but are generally harmless as are those that proclaim your religion (Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Wicca – who cares?), military affiliation or even, at a push, your fraternity. Nowadays, however, I wonder about hazing or inclusion – we don’t have fraternities in the UK. America is heading into a hot political season and I can only imagine what nasty stickers will be displayed for or against the likes of Donald or Hillary. During the last 2 elections I was horrified at the hateful car stickers, mostly about President Obama. Why can’t you keep your unpleasant opinions to yourself – no wonder people have road rage. It rarely happens in Texas but sometimes in other places people will let a shop door bang in your face. I always say, “Did you leave your manners at home?” Let’s all be less rude and much more polite to each other.

12 thoughts on “Please don’t put offensive signs on your car

  1. Don’t like these car stickers… who cares what religion the driver is, and why do they feel the need to ram it in your face? Whatever the message of the sticker is, it is lost by the bigger message it gives about the driver, and that is that they are a @#$£%”#÷!

    Great post, Kerry!

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  2. “It wouldn’t be very pro-life if she killed me, would it?”
    That actually made me laugh out loud. Haha!
    I’ve always avoided putting bumper stickers on my car because of the stereotype that it’s something white people do. And yes, I’m sure the Donald and Hillary bumper stickers are going to be insane.
    Funny and insightful. Followed!

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