Juan and Angel

So many of my anecdotes occur in supermarkets that I am beginning to worry about the quality of my life… Nevertheless, I went to my other supermarket (not the one that employs Wolverine) and as I approached the check out, I noticed that it was two smiling young men. As I got closer I saw their names tags. “So it is the Spanish team today? Good Morning Juan and Angel!” I pronounced their names authentically – Juan (Hwahn) and Angel (Ahn-hehl). They both started laughing and Angel told me that his name was pronounced the English way. I responded laughingly, “I bet your Abuelita (Grandma) still calls you Ahn-hehl?” He agreed and I told them that my Abuelita’s name was Juanita. Angel said, “That’s what we call Juan”. I looked to Juan for his response which was, “And this from a boy called Angel…” Advantage Juan! It was yet another funny day at the checkout in Texas. People here ask me why these things happen to me but it is only because I engage people in chat and laughter. As a postscript, I was looking through some old photographs of my Paternal Grandfather (the Indian boy) and Grandmother (that Spanish woman) when I noticed that someone had written her name on the photograph. It was Woneta instead of Juanita – hilarious!

5 thoughts on “Juan and Angel

  1. One supermarket interaction I remember took place four decades ago. I overheard two women talking: by coincidence, each had received a pressure cooker as a wedding present but rarely if ever used it. I hesitated for a minute or so, then went up to them and said: “Ladies, if you’re not using your pressure cookers, could I have them?” Both agreed, and within a few days I went round and collected the two pressure cookers. The first was ordinary but the other was an expensive stainless steel one with a copper bottom, which I used for many years until finally the handle came apart and I could not longer find a company that sold a replacement rubber gasket for the lid.

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    • This is why we need to chat more at check-outs! A few years ago a neighbor asked me if I knew of anyone that would like her Pottery Barn bedding that had faded in the sun. I asked if I could have them, she was delighted and we have used them in the same street for 11 years. Waste not – want not!


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