Thrift Store Chic

DSCN1040front chinese jacket
When we visited Nacogdoches this summer, I noticed that the local thrift store had a summer sale. Win, win! I would have gone in whatever – just to browse. This was a gold mine – most of the clothes were in excellent condition. The shop was large and very well organized with different colored tags to tell you how much the sale item cost. Well, either somebody gained or lost weight or more sadly died because I found half a dozen items that looked like they were made for me. I gave everything but the jacket a quick wash but I could have worn them straight away. The fabulous jacket was from Chico’s originally and would have been very expensive and was under $5. Always recycle your clothes through friends or organizations. If they are worn there are industries that use rags and I cut up the soft clothes to make dusters or cloths. If you click on the red link you will see two more garments.THRIFT STORE CHIC click here

9 thoughts on “Thrift Store Chic

  1. Nice one, Kerry, and the stuff looks really great on you. My daughter now owns and adores the jeans jacket I bought myself 25 years ago and the whole extended family recycles clothes between us!
    I always send what I don’t want to charity shops and practical items go to a charity in Malawi who we try to support. NOTHING should unnecessarily go to waste

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    • Thank you! My mum kept her model clothes from the 50’s and I loved wearing one particular Audrey Hepburn type dress, Mad Men black felt fitted dress with white collar. I could only wear it when I had a 22 inch waist…ah distant memories!! My cousin wore his Dad’s wedding suit from the 60’s when 80s fashion including skinny legged suits. When you are brought up poor, you never forget it. K x


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