Okay – this post is about women’s front bottoms (as my Nana would say) or VJJs (as Oprah would say). There is some humor in it but it is a real medical issue and I want to share my experience to help other women. So you have been warned…

Since I was a child, I have had persistent urinary tract infections and then entering sexual adulthood had endless bouts of both cystitis and UTIs. On top of that, I found out (after my womb was removed) that I had endometriosis and had, yet another, tumor. When I was young most gynecologists were men which didn’t help a shy, young woman with anxiety issues. I remember one particularly awful Greek doctor who couldn’t meet my eyes and another who told me just to lose weight. I knew there was a deeper physiological and hormonal reason for all of this and ultimately was diagnosed as sub-fertile. That was the first funny situation – my husband got caught speeding while rushing a sperm sample to our far away hospital and didn’t tell them the reason. They would definitely have let him off with a warning! Then at our last fertility session they revealed that my husband was completely infertile. He had about three sperm and they were swimming backwards… We burst out laughing – I think the Gods have decided that we weren’t meant to have children. Our parents of two only children were devastated. Click on the red link to read the whole article VAJAZZALING!


14 thoughts on “Vajazzling

  1. This is so fantastic! I laughed out loud so many times…the “hood of the Camaro” and “recently purchased on Amazon” bits were the best. So exciting to read such an honest and open discussion of a very personal experience. Plus I think everyone can benefit from reading about a situation that is different from our own.
    THANK YOU for sharing!

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  3. So let me get this straight Kerry, your husband was concerned that a vibrator would show up on his Amazon account and embarrass him…..but then you tell the world via this blog all about not only that scenario but also his sperm count, libido and almost every other detail of your sex lives LOL.
    I bet he’s a permanent shade of crimson now. 🙂

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