What annoyed me this week…


Almost everything it seems. Today seemed to be the culmination of everything. Earlier in the week a customer, where I volunteer, asked one of my colleagues, “Why don’t you volunteer somewhere useful, like a hospital?” She was flabbergasted, especially since we sometimes deal with incredibly difficult issues on a regular basis. The customer had leopard printed crutches so we considered knocking her off them – I’m joking, sort of. That and some other issues culminated in me writing to the highest authority which will undoubtedly set the cat amongst the pigeons. Bring it on! I had been chatting with another blogger about being in Cersei mode (Game of Thrones) and somehow I can’t get back to nice Kerry.

A few weeks ago I was also in ‘get off my lawn’ mode when I made a complaint about nuisance barking to the apartments that are behind our reserve. I lived for 12 years in Scotland with endlessly barking yappy dogs and I refuse to pay extortionate taxes in Stepford and put up with the same. After the first complaint, the barking stopped for the most part but last night it was relentless. I got up this morning, put on my Cersei robe and long blonde hair, and composed the next letter (that has been copied to everyone).

To my surprise, there is a new manager who responded immediately and I hope I will not have to follow through with my threat. Dogs are not allowed to bark on the balconies of these apartments both because they are tiny and the noise reverberates everywhere. I have said that I will provide video evidence of barking on the balcony but to do that I will have to have two ladders, a video camera and some help to climb over an eight foot fence into the reserve, full of snakes, skunks, raccoons and then film from the top of the other fence as the apartments are in a gated community.

I am beginning to think that it sounds more like Arya and I will start reciting before bed, “The dog, the owner, the volunteer manager, our Association….” If you don’t watch Games of Thrones then I just sound like a crazy lady and that’s probably more accurate. My husband thinks I should be Daenerys and send in my dragons (three Egyptian feral cats) but that’s his sexual fantasy.

10 thoughts on “What annoyed me this week…

  1. Oh shit. This was funny, funny, stuff. Not your pain but how you wrote about it. I love TGOT references. How bloody annoying to have a yappy dog barking and who the hell would be so inconsiderate as to allow this to go on? Your husband has good taste in fantasies, the ‘Mother of Dragons’ is one sweet MILF. Hahaha. I’m joking, sort of.

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    • Thank you! I went to bed still reciting Arya style, but adding other names… I think the Mother of Dragons could even turn me, especially if one of her acolytes was involved. 🙂 The temperature has dropped in the swamp so that we can even make ‘winter is coming’ references.

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  2. Kerry, you are hilarious! I love GoT, and your use of characters highlighted your story perfectly! Although incessant dog barking is enough to drive anyone to insanity and beyond. Hope it gets sorted soon. And btw, you should have knocked that woman off her crutches… I despise ignorance like that, and have had to put up with a lot of it in both my previous employment and also with attitudes to Carys.

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  3. I know nothing about TGOT and I love dogs.. but this post has me in stitches laughing.. You have the best coping tools, humor and writing.. and those of us lucky enough to read your blog get to empathize and laugh with you..

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