Game of Thrones Week

The corset is a slimming garment?

The corset is a slimming garment?

I am in withdrawal from Game of Thrones and it doesn’t start until April 2016. Winter is coming and I could be dead by then! When I first heard of the series being made I decided to read the books. After reading Book 3 I discovered that the series was veering off in a different direction so stopped and focused on the series. I was instantly addicted by the intro, the set scenes, the actors – everything! The good thing about having read more was that I could explain the intricacies of the various feuding families to my husband and enjoyed looking at his face when he discovered, for example, that Daenerys’s dragon eggs hatched on the fire.

Her title is “Mother of Dragons” and one of my fellow bloggers (who shall be nameless, eh?) referred to her as a MILF. My husband entirely agrees and so, it seems, does half of the geeky guys who watch it. She is very easy on the eye with gorgeous long silver hair. When I visited Scotland recently I popped into a hair salon because I thought my hair looked a little ashy instead of golden blonde. Like many other young Scottish ladies she had long silvery hair with darker brows. She insisted that my hair looked fabulous and they would just make it look brassy. I was flattered but not entirely convinced.

Then I noticed there were very many Daenerys (I can’t spell the plural) in Glasgow. All of them had long silvery/grayish hair with the painted on dark brows but most of them were a tad heavy. I’m sorry to be so politically incorrect but you can’t have a fat Daenerys. The Mother of Dragons doesn’t have a muffin top over her spandex or acne covered in pancake make-up! That takes away the whole MILF thing…

Although I have been Cersei or Arya all week, in my heart of hearts, I am really Daenerys (stop laughing). I don’t need to look exactly like her – I did once!!! But I want to be good and rule the world. The truth is I would be as bad at ruling as she is. In one of my many jobs, I had a small group of staff and volunteers. All of the volunteers loved me, for the benevolent dictator that I am, but it was equally divided between love and hate with my staff. Much like Daenerys, I was astonished that my actions weren’t perceived as good for everyone. As a manager, I explain something once, listen to complaints, see what I can change and then say, “Just do it”. I treat my husband and three cats (dragons) exactly the same way…

So please tell me who you are?


14 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Week

  1. I wonder who you might have been talking about eh? I read quite a few of the books but found, as you did, they meandered endlessly. I soon grew tired of investing in characters who were killed off and then having to become reinvested in new characters. Which character am I? Hmmm. I’m probably more like Jamie Lannister than I’d care to admit. I’d probably have a go at my sister if she looked like Cersei and I might even take a run at Brienne of Tarth. She’s a whole lot of woman. But Jamie also has a streak of goodness in him that comes out despite himself.

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  2. Since you’ve only read up to book three, I’ll just say I’m Quentyn Martell, my favorite of the Martell family.

    Since he probably won’t be in the show (but I am always holding out hope) he’ll have to remain a mystery unless you read the rest of the series.

    (Thank you for visiting my blog, and commenting on my Daenerys post. I have a few posts that feature her prominently.)

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    • Good Lord, Roy! She is the Mother of Dragons – that’s why she is a MILF. Please try and keep up, honey. No you cannot be David Beckham – if you must have a high, squeaky voice then you can be Varys. See the latest post…

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