My soft side is Sansa

KerrybyCris 002

Although I have embraced many different Game of Thrones characters this week, my inside core is probably most like Sansa. Poor Sansa; she was slow to learn how to be strong and manipulate people. She is so naïve and gullible. I am an easy target for bullies and criticism despite an outer layer of confidence. Every time I think I have it figured out, someone will spot the weakness in my outer character and bait me. Sometimes it’s colleagues, employers or acquaintances.

My mother could be very critical, as was Sansa’s (mine died in less gory circumstances…) and she was determined that I would be a perfect little princess with immaculate clothes and hair. My mum and, ironically, one of my therapists reckoned that my best chance in this world was marrying a man of substance. Even my professor at college suggested that I take a typing course after completing a business management diploma. He reckoned I look too young for anyone to consider employing me as a junior executive and he was right. Thank goodness, I met and married an ‘ologist by age 21! Sometimes I think I would have had an easier life in another century but I like inside plumbing…

Sansa is a stoic character – as am I. I tolerate unacceptable conditions with little fuss for years before I finally snap. At a school reunion some years ago, I confronted a bully and she was astonished. She had no memory of doing anything unpleasant – the other one became a policewoman. On one stupid occasion at college, two boys that I thought were friends, offered to take me home in their car. I was too tipsy to realize there was a problem until one of them got in the back with me. I tried charm, humor but they both wanted to have sex with me against my will. There were childproof locks on the rear doors and I couldn’t get out. I snapped, thank goodness, and started beating one of them on the head with my umbrella until the one in the front let me out.

Like most victims of this kind of assault, I thought that I had deserved it because I was flirting and accepted their offer. I bet you thought this was going to be another funny blog? I am convinced that Sansa is going to be a very different character in the next series and I am just glad this princess married a man of substance who has looked after her.

This lovely photo is courtesy of Cris Woods who took it when I was going through an auburn stage… Which Game of Thrones character are you most like?

14 thoughts on “My soft side is Sansa

  1. Oh god, poor Sansa. My heart just aches for her. I’ve heard people say things like: ” I’m having a bad week, like Sansa Stark bad.” Scary incident with you in the car, good thing you got angry and had your umbrella.

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  2. Learning more about the Throne from reading your posts – characters sound interesting, not sure I’m keen on the killing off bit!
    Sorry for your car incident – I’ve heard this so many times – why do we women think we are responsible when men act like animals? Another lady who couldn’t escape controlled their game, needless to say they didn’t get pleasure as she didn’t struggle and scream.

    FEAR seems their thrill – at least two of you tackled it well. Respect please gents!

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    • Game of Thrones is a very complex story which at times seems misogynist but time’s are changing (and it is violent). It represents times in our past and in our present but is still a fable. I think the victims of brutality rarely tell their tale, so you mostly hear from those who escaped.


      • So why do women even watch misogynist violence … surely we should be more selective if we want Domestic Family Violence to stop? Sure it is our history and it is just a show but violators don’t need any encouragement?!
        Sadly peaceful loving relationships are NOT commercial, or we could sell your love story.

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