One sleep to Halloween….


This is the Halloween story I promised following the Cougar and the Cherokee blog – I had gone into our local hardware store to speak to the master gardener about a strange webbing all over our Live Oak. Both my husband and I thought that it was a very industrious spider but then the web was literally all over an oak tree that is as tall as our house. I was chatting with a friend who queried whether it could be something harmful like a silk worm.

To my astonishment, the master gardener brought up some photos on her computer of the perpetrators and their web – it was bark lice. They are amazing little friends of nature. Live Oaks attract lichen because of their open bark and this can kill the tree. The bark lice eat lichen so they come as a landscaping team – probably speaking Spanish – cover their web all over the tree, eat the lichen, roll the web back into a ball and take it with them to the next tree. Isn’t that fantastic?

Here is a link to more information about them.

I looked very hard for Ernesto, Adelpho or Pedro but I couldn’t see the little stripy critters under the webbing. I hoped it would last until Halloween and I could cover the tree in fake spiders but their job is done and our tiny landscapers have moved onto another tree. Nature is full of joy and mystery.


7 thoughts on “One sleep to Halloween….

    • Hola, Senor y gracias! We have named all the squirrels as well (any creature that is industrious is Spanish speaking) and the lazy ass animals have a southern drawl, y’alls. We had a squirrel called Mario until she got a bit fatter and her teats were obvious so we renamed her Marisol. Our neighbors are just as crazy and we have a feral tomcat with a Hitler mustache so he is Adolph(o). Dia de las meurtas!

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  1. Well that is just amazing! I wonder if we get them over here? I am just amazed at the numerous webs suddenly visible on a damp misty morning… the hedges are full of them.

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