Happy Halloween!


What can I say? We love staying at home with the lights on to encourage the trick or treaters. Most of our street is full of empty nesters or older folks so we adore our little ones. We decided to invite some of our friends around while we waited for visitors, and they came!!! Four little princesses, mutants and whatever else they were. I am sure they were a little scared by the old people in their cat PJs and hippy t-shirts but we had great fun as did our guests.

I have gone to bed with my cat make-up on because I have had a few refreshments. Sure will get a shock in the morning when I look in the mirror!

15 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. You dont look an eejit at all! You look lovely! Its all those people without costiumes that look like eejits! (Love that word – eejit- its one of my favourite words! 😊)

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  2. Oh fantastic Kerry – not so scary though. You’re meant to frighten the brats away. I’m safely locked away in an apartment but, if I wasn’t, it would be lights off and pretend to be out 😦 Anyway it seems to be safe to come out at this stage 🙂

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