To All My Followers:

I was a bit perplexed by all the blogger awards and the no awards sites but I now understand. I think I am inclined to be ‘no award’ but would be conflicted about rejecting someone. Anyway I thought this was a fabulous idea!

Windmills of My Mind


You all have received the Blogger Recognition Award! Congratulations!

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15 thoughts on “To All My Followers:

  1. Thanks Kerry! I’ve gotten a handful of reward nominations but I never follow through on the rules to accept them. So I’m a de-facto no-award site. But I’m so happy to have gotten the recognition from reading this post. Literacy Achievement Unlocked!

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    • I just re-blogged what I thought was a lovely gesture to both award and award-free blogs. Not my thoughtful idea. I have a dead-line for paid work so I will probably disappear for a few days and thank you for leaving the light on for me!

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      • Oh dear, I might have to block you. A Brummie accent, really? Well it could be worse – Cockney, I guess? I am just really disappointed now and will have to consider our WordPress friendship further…:) Can you tell I am in a crazy mood? Worse still, very few Americans get my sarcasm or my snarkasm as my husband puts it.


      • I sound entirely Scottish with a vague Transatlantic twang. Most Americans accuse me of being Irish which is accurate (what do they know?). My family have a mixture of Irish, Scottish and various American dialects so my accent reflects a little of each. I think my Spanish and Arabic sound great but apparently they both have a Scottish twang,

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  2. I’m so new and naive to blogging I didn’t know about this.. This made me laugh in my very loud American accent.. Which is a blend of Dixie and Yankee 😨 .. and yes even our laughter had twang depending where you’re from here, lol..

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