Domestic Violence…

domestic violence

This is what happens when your utterly feral 14 year old Egyptian cat does not want to have her Fentanyl patch taken off. It had been a hard week for her – a very expensive operation ($1300), one tooth left, ingrown toenail, antibiotics for a sinus infection. She just went in to have her claws trimmed…

The patch had to stay on for 5 days and then be taken off a furry leg. The nurse wisely suggested I take her in but instead decided that she was so old now and had so few teeth it would be okay. We traumatized her but got the patch off and flushed away safely. She stayed under the bed for two days, backing away from evil mom, making mom cry and generally feeling miserable. She finally came out after endless organic chicken, tuna and treats.

She is really adorable but it’s still like living with three raccoons. Look at this precious wee face.

Mrs, Stripe

Mrs. Stripe

24 thoughts on “Domestic Violence…

  1. I’m so sorry you got scratched up, and of course your little cat didn’t mean to hurt you, but it must have been a stressful time.

    We have three cats, and one is more likely to bite and scratch up, except she never commits. We’ll be doing something irritating to her (like trying to trim her claws, and brush out her crazy matted hair, or something else) and she’ll nip at our hands in a way that never breaks the skin, she’s just giving us the “you know I could actually do damage here, you clowns” heads up.

    Hope your Mrs. Stripe feels better soon…

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