Please don’t hate Muslims

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As soon as the attacks in Paris occurred, I knew there would be a backlash not just against ISIS but all Muslims. Surely the world must realize that the majority of Muslims are peaceful with no wish to harm anyone? As one Parisian Muslim said yesterday on CNN, “These people are not Muslims – they are going to hell”. You can misinterpret any ancient religious text – from the Old Testament to the Book of Mormon. The Old Testament reflected the violence of the times – an eye for an eye; a tooth for a tooth. In biblical times it was common for men to take more than one wife to protect a widowed sister-in-law because so many men died in battles. I did not meet one polygamist in Egypt despite the law allowing you to have four wives that must be treated equally. Some of the Koran’s texts are archaic but it is still just a general moral code, like the Bible and the Torah.

To get some perspective, if you ever, even unwittingly, supported one of the ‘Irish’ groups in the US who were funneling money to the IRA, in the 70s and 80s, then you may have unintentionally reduced the quality of my and my family’s life. One time when I was staying in a relative’s home in southern Ireland, the house shook to when a bomb went off in Northern Ireland more than 50 miles away. I know that the IRA, and likely the Loyalist Protestant faction, were smuggling drugs, guns and other illicit substances across the border to fund their terrorism. I have to share some guilt in this. When I was a teenager, a neighbor’s son, who was at school with me, was rumored to have joined the IRA. He was probably disenfranchised, lived in over-crowded public housing and was the minority religion in a Protestant city. That said, he was streamed, like me, to study medicine or law so the world was his oyster with public funding available for university study. Perhaps I should have told a teacher or someone else in authority but I was too frightened to say anything. In any case, I had no evidence of his activities other than the information was from a very reliable source. His parents used to play Irish rebel songs at full blast in the back yard just to annoy the Protestant neighbors – we felt horribly stuck in the middle.

I suppose what I am saying is – did you hate all Irish Catholics or Irish Protestants when the IRA/Loyalist terrorism was at its height? What about the Kennedys? When terrorism rears its ugly head, we need to be vigilant, sensible but keep perspective. One decade it was Christians, the other Muslims and yet another, people of no faith. Bottom line – you have to be a bad person to take the life of an innocent for whatever cause you believe in.


19 thoughts on “Please don’t hate Muslims

  1. Good point, “did you hate all Irish Catholics or Irish Protestants when the IRA/Loyalist terrorism was at its height”. So, we are capable of separating deeds from a race of people. Some people, unfortunately, choose not to do so.

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  2. Hatred in the public comes for the “Governmental Spin” that is created for the media to feed down to the general public so that they are given the backing they need to go to war and make the arms companies (themselves) more money.
    I know that all sounds pretty negative, but to me that is the way it is.
    You are right, we should not hate Muslims, we should not hate anyone based on their religion but it will always happens as it always has.
    I personally bear no hatred for any one religion as I believe that in this day and age we are proving that religion is a futile master that only leads to hatred and I for one do NOT want to be tied up in that.
    The world needs only one thing and that is love.
    Pure and simple.

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  3. Perhaps the peaceful Muslims should speak up more? Pulling away and staying quiet only tends to add mystery and suspicion to their cause. Am I on the right track do you think? Humans are naturally wary of what they do not understand.

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    • I think you are right but often they are not given media coverage. Certainly, I hope Imams are vocal to their flock in peaceful countries but in dictatorships it is more difficult to be vocal. Perhaps, they are afraid of reprisals from bad people within their own community and outwith? I don’t recall our priests denouncing the IRA’s activities.


  4. Kerry you may be right in that Muslim leaders have denounced IS but this has been under-reported. Certainly the head of our small Muslim community has stood up and spoken out.

    I was too close to the Birmingham pub bombings in ’74 and the anti-Irish feeling was very strong in the aftermath but faded with time.

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    • Thank you, Roy. I am sure that they are being under-reported but there may be genuine fear of reprisals. More Muslims are killed by ISIS than any other religion. Well done to your Muslim community leader! Yeah…I married a dirty Protestant, in a CIVIL ceremony – straight to hell!! 🙂 Doesn’t that mean that I am not really married in the eyes of God, so I can act on my cougar instincts? 🙂

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  5. Hatreds are what wars are made of.. Wars strengthen (sic) economies.. Economy is every goverment’s tool to control it’s people.. People have a natural inclination to segregate into various groups.. Groups are the perfect fodder for those with the charisma to lead and use propaganda to control masses.. In my opinion, they are our government and religious leaders around the world.. Greed and power has always been the root of human events throughout history.. I don’t see that changing thru human efforts.. as sad as that is, it’s what we are as the most “intelligent” species on earth.. I admit that it’s easy to fall into any group that seems to offer security and safety.. But it goes against my grain to hate or condemn.. I just watch them clash and cry at the insanity of history continually repeating itself.. I’m a christian of no denomination, getting thru each day, sometimes succeeding at making a difference and sometimes not.. Your post is a very good reminder for ppl to ask themselves how they truly feel about others..

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