Happy Thanksgiving from Texas!

pink hibiscus

We went out to walk off our Thanksgiving lunch, which was surprisingly nice, given that it was cooked by me and our local grocery store. I miss chestnuts from Europe so incorporated them into an organic cranberry stuffing mix – yummy. Not keen on turkey so had some organic ham. One wonderful Thanksgiving, when we first moved to Texas, we went far out into the forest and heard some wild turkeys. We were so excited to hear them in the wild and alive!

I intended to take some autumnal shots but our temperatures have suddenly risen and we are back to hot and humid south Texas. Last week we had a freeze warning, now it is up to about 77 degrees. So enjoy our beautiful pink hibiscus and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

18 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving from Texas!

  1. I remember the first time I saw wild turkeys, I was pretty excited. They were on the side of the road out in the countryside as I was cycling by. I think they had virtually died away in these parts but are now making a comeback.

    A few weeks ago when we were hiking a very large turkey came crashing out of the trees in front of us. It nearly gave me a heart-attack!!

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  2. I loved to read your words… you left me thinking …
    we might change locations, job, partners and so on… But certain things remain the same, despite it all… I hope you had a great Thanksgiving…. sending love and best wishes. Aquileana πŸ‘‹πŸ’«οΈ

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