You are lettuce!


Just before we went for lunch one day in Baja, I spotted this little emergency room and loved the giant cacti in front of it. I was unaware that I would shortly need some medical assistance. We were seated on the front patio of the restaurant and the wait staff were as charming as everybody else in the town. Shortly after we sat down, a small shuttle bus arrived, presumably from Cabo, with some tourists who were there to see the ‘real’ Mexico.

The chairs were made of a cane material and I could feel that they were not very stable. I dropped my napkin, reached for it, the chair tipped over and I disappeared under the table. If only the floor would have opened up to hide my humiliation. All the staff came running and helped me up. I was kind of wedged into a corner. I assured everyone that I was fine and the manageress gave me a big hug. She said, “You are so skinny, you are like lettuce! I have sat in these chairs for two years but my fat bottom keeps them stable”. I laughed and tried to stop feeling embarrassed. Then my elbow bled all over their beautiful turquoise tablecloths… The Maitre D ran off to one of the many pharmacies for a packet of Band-aids. The bus driver got his emergency first aid kit out of the van with disinfectants and bandages.

This is my poor scraped elbow after it stopped bleeding and a gigantic bruise on my bottom. That’s the last time you will see my naked bottom – enjoy!


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