Resolution No. 1 – wash more…


I made my husband take this series of photos even though he was disgusted by me and Mrs. Stripe. Still taking it easy and after a fun social occasion last night I decided to stay in bed all day. Mrs. Stripe walked straight up the bed a couple of hours ago and started washing my hand. Then her nose wrinkled and she started washing my armpit. Clearly, Kerry needed a bath…


I really love my mom and am happy to do my duty.


Well, it was a dirty job but somebody had to do it.

You will be pleased to know (and my husband certainly is) that I have bathed, changed the bed, put on antiperspirant and a clean nightie. HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope your resolutions are slightly less basic than mine. 🙂

38 thoughts on “Resolution No. 1 – wash more…

  1. What a thoughtful cat! I’m sure your armpits smelt very nice. 🙂

    One of cats used to vigorously sniff a neighbour’s armpits whenever they visited, which was very embarrassing. The only way to stop it was to lock it out of the room, and then it would wail and scratch at the door. The cat, not the neighbour.

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  2. I love it – this is absolutely delightful! One of my two bathes me now and then. When he does the armpit, he usually ends up with a tongueful of deodorant and makes this horrible face and smacking sound. Ooops. 😀

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