Resolution No. 3 – be nice to Teddy


We were at a marvelous Scottish New Year’s Eve party or Hogmanay and our friends had set up a unique photo booth. After a few refreshments, we looked as relaxed as newts. Perhaps that’s a Scottish expression. The photo was a little grainy so after some ‘discussion’ I agreed to let my husband upload a free photo software program, Photoscape, on my computer. This was difficult – don’t touch my computer!!!! Eventually my myriad programs would not fix the original photograph so I surrendered with trepidation. OMG, it’s fantastic! I was able to make it look fun with a ‘bandicoot’ filter – what the heck does that mean? Then I added a fancy frame and VOILA!

My third resolution, which I doubt will last 12 hours, is to nice to my husband. He would hate it if I was really sweet all the time – he didn’t sign up for that but I could add some laughter to the snarky remarks. Less, “reallys???” More,”you are so gorgeous and clever” without a hint of sarcasm. Tonight I told him he was the best looking guy in the room and I meant it. Nobody else could make me laugh so much and turn me on at the same time. That’s like a superhuman ability, isn’t it? SEXYFUNNYMAN, perhaps?

24 thoughts on “Resolution No. 3 – be nice to Teddy

      • I have a few difficulties with International English. Here in NZ, “pissed” means seriously drunk. We tend to say, “Totally pissed.” Or, “Pissed as a chook.” (BTW, a chook is a hen.) If we’re annoyed with someone, we say we’re pissed off with them. So when I read US writing and see that someone was pissed, first I think drunk, then I think angry. It’s hard work.

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      • Despite being American, I was brought up in Scotland so the whole pissed thing is still difficult for me unless I am both angry and drunk??? We had an inaugural flight from Air New Zealand to Houston recently. Man, you have some handsome guys – especially half-naked with emu feathers. Yum!

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  1. Your new year’s resolution made me laugh, less snarky remarks and compliments without sarcasm. Lovely what you are writing about your husband, if he reads this, I’m sure he will forgive you in advance for all ‘reallys’ yet to come šŸ˜‰
    great picture as well!

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