Saturday Evening Interview

Lisa, an El Paso Woman, asked me to for an interview, It was an utter pleasure in a difficult week and thank you so much.

Life of an El Paso Woman

Happy Saturday everyone! I hope your day is going well! I had a nice three-week break from the Saturday Evening Interview but…it’s time to come back! Today I have a wonderful interview with fellow blogger friend and now Texan, Kerry Duncan from Postcards from Kerry. Despite losing her mother-in-law and having to fly overseas for the funeral, she still finished our interview! If you click on the link to her blog, you’ll be able to read a beautiful post she wrote about her mother-in-law. Kerry talks about her recent e-book about living in Egypt, her volunteer award from the president, her writing career, being afflicted with a genetically inherited mental illness and more! So without further ado, here’s Kerry A.K.A. Chatty Kerry! 

KKerry in Egypt!

Me: I know you’ve traveled the world a lot throughout the years for work and fun. Tell us about your favorite destination and why?


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14 thoughts on “Saturday Evening Interview

  1. I loved reading the interview – it’s revealing and interesting and gives me a little more of an open window onto you who I am so glad to be connected with. Rest well, enjoy the booze and movies and arrive in one piece for the mourning and celebration of a life that was so important to you both

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  2. Yes, very thoughtful questions.
    Mr. Quantum and I have wanted to move back to Texas. Not so much any cities, but are you familiar with Fort Davis? It’s in the El Paso neck of the woods, so to speak. It’s nicely remote, and has dark skies, for stargazing. Now if we could just get ourselves in gear, we might make it back there.

    It was nice to learn more about you, Kerry.

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  3. The interview puts across what a wonderful and spirited person you are. I laughed out loud at your answer about what compelled you to write your memoirs about Egypt 🙂 I can see you being great at fundraising though I guess you need to believe in the cause.
    have a lovely weekend,
    Dagmar x

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    • Thank you, Dagmar. Well, everyone needs a reason to write a book. 🙂 I can’t do fundraising unless I do believe in the cause. One awful event had Botox as the prizes – for a Cancer charity! A tad tasteless…

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