Was Donald Trump embarrassed?


courtesy of Saturday Night Live, NBC

I can’t tell the difference between Tina Fey and Sarah Palin. Both looked like demented Tea Party emus. Did you know that the crazy sweater sold out immediately – who the heck bought it? If it is one of my followers, unfollow me immediately! On the original video of the real Sarah Palin endorsing Donald Trump, I swear that once she started gesticulating and talking the usual nonsense even he looked embarrassed. It is a political marriage made in Disney Hell. It’s kind of funny but very scary at the same time. Did you know that the British government had a debate about whether Donald Trump should be banned from the UK? They had to respond to the massive public outcry and petition. Isn’t that a clue that the rest of the world would have some small issues with the Donald being President?

I have a feeling that all these polls about how popular each politician is, are ‘lies, damn lies and statistics’. I remember a previous boss being very annoyed at me for expressing this opinion at a public debate. Having studied statistics I know that the results can be skewed to say whatever you want it to. We are getting political calls nonstop and I just slam down the phone with cuss words (its a recorded message so I am offending no-one apart from my Muslim cats).

Don’t bother watching the real video, this one on SNL is so much fun SNL video Palin endorsing Trump Perhaps what I find even funnier is that Ted Cruz, who I think is an acolyte of Lucifer, is actually Canadian, which perhaps proves my point… Relax Canadians – that was humor, eh? Some of us Texans are embarrassed that he claims to be Texan. Politics in the States is so much fun! πŸ™‚

38 thoughts on “Was Donald Trump embarrassed?

  1. They are both considered laughing stocks here in Australia, however we are all concerned that somehow, they might get in.. It would be one of the greatest catastrophes the world has known.. in my humble opinion anyway.. πŸ˜‰

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  2. It would be fun if it was not so damn scary. The fact of the matters is, that it makes no difference which of these puppets get in. They all answer to the same master. As they have since Washington. Its the same in almost every country. We think we have a choice but do we really???

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  3. He may not be much in the looks department, nor the hair department, nor the little grey cell department, but he is a brilliant, stellar manipulator of the masses with his alarmist rhetoric whipping up fear and paranoia. I am dumbstruck when people I regard as intelligent, educated and couth express their admiration for this crackpot and would be happy to see him as the figurehead for their country!

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  4. And now we have Bloomberg revving up on the side-lines. The tragedy is that this nation considers itself the only first world country (the rest of the developed world is second world and those that don’t deserve anything but to be bombed to f*** or die of pestilence and famine are third world according to the national curriculum) has an opportunity to be an example but the example they choose to be in this Political mud-slinging floor-show is the sort of example that school children in those same third world countries would be severely chastised for. Bonkers. Barking. And a teeny weeny bit scary n’est pas?

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  5. Hahahaha. Funny stuff Kerry. I love American politics because they are rarely dull and this time around it is particularly fascinating to watch. You guys and have Cruz and Justin Bieber. Really, think of it as the gift that keeps on giving.

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  6. I’m so glad you think the stats are skewed. I’m getting nervous. But I did come across an American comedian (Andy Borowitz?) on line who said, “Why can’t we have a vote to keep Donald Trump out of the USA?.”

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  7. I saw the original video and the first thought when I saw Palin was – “What’s with the sweater?’ (I CANNOT believe people actually bought that monstrosity!) and yeah! Trump did look embarrassed. I really cannot understand why Trump is gaining popularity. It is actually a worrisome thing.

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