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I had a strange day on Sunday. As most of you know, my husband has been laid off, my mother in law just died so we had to make a sad transatlantic trip and now I have a strange cataract to be removed. It all just hit me last week and I became ill. I spent a few days in bed and then ‘suggested’ to my husband that he take a small road trip just for a break. Both of us needed a break from each other and the situation. Somehow I can only clear my head and get my equilibrium back in complete solitude.

He was eager to leave… Off he went to north Texas, taking photographs and then asked if he could stay another night. “Of course”, I said and then pondered about how bad I had been to make him stay away. Yeah guys – there is no understanding women (especially menopausal women who are unwell). The first day he left, I slowly got back into normal life, got out of bed and cleaned the house. The GP diagnosed some kind of allergy to an, as yet unknown, substance – my tummy is really itchy but no rash. I have been trying to cut out foods, as suggested, to no avail. The result has been that my cleavage is getting smaller – why does weight always come off the boobs first?

By the time he came home on Sunday, I was my normal sunny Bunny self and had worked out a realistic plan for our proposed new business. He frightened me when he returned because our garage door started opening at 8 am! He hadn’t been able to sleep so had just driven back at dawn. We went to the mall for a coffee later and became fairly excited about prospective new plans which may or may not work. We both felt optimistic (and still do).

In the evening I made dinner but I just had some vegetables. We opened a bottle of Trader Joe wine to celebrate his return and the future. Before I tell you what happened next, I should explain that I have a very low tolerance for most medication and am on a child’s dose of anti-depressant and 3 x a cat’s dosage of anti-anxiety medication. Additionally, I have a low tolerance to alcohol… Since we moved to the States I have got ‘blackout drunk’ about 5 times. It only takes a few glasses of wine and usually a tummy upset. I have a permanent gastric issue from contracted Giardia (an amoeba) in Egypt and it being undiagnosed for 5 years. Thank goodness I have an understanding husband who looks after me.

Anyway, we go to bed and apparently I started to slur my words but instead of blacking out, I first start crying, for half an hour, about how upset I am at some of his mum’s relatives for ignoring her for 4 years in a nursing home. He comforted me although he was dead tired and just wanted to go to sleep. Then I got frisky and offered sexual favors that would make a Thai lady boy blush. Let’s just say that the number 69 came up a few times. Finally, after my predation was rebuffed, I fell into a dead sleep. No throwing up.

When I woke up the next day, I had absolutely no memory of anything after we went to bed, not the crying nor the predation. I could not remember sending emails a short time before we had opened the bottle of wine either. I am just so grateful I didn’t blog later. There might have been some shocked readers. Possibly I was also anxious about my first visit to the eye surgeon on Monday (more of which later) but the funny ending is that now Teddy would quite like to ‘play’ with Bunny but Bunny can’t risk a UTI or the antibiotics before surgery on the 24th. A Happy Valentine’s Day for both of us, eh? 🙂

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  1. I think your anxiety is at boil over lovely! And hardly surprisingly given a) impending eye surgery …. let’s revisit that statement – they are going to OPERATE ON YOUR EYES … I’d be terrifed and b) entire re-invention of selves through new business idea which can’t be revealed because of possible industrial espionage. Un petit peu stressant, je pense. So if you turned into a drunken marauding sex-bunny I think Teddy got off lightly! Go softly gorgeous 🙂

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    • Thank you so much, dear Osyth. You are quite right about everything apart from the eye operation. I had Lasik before so it is the same easy procedure – how much will it cost?? In the States we get bills for everything from the cleaner to the anesthetist’s dog. Small exaggeration and we do have enough money. You can never escape from a poverty stricken childhood.

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      • I stand corrected …. I’m fine with anything so long as I’m unconscious 😉 I got my first medical bill yesterday (it was a full annual overhaul thing and seemingly fully covered …. husband patiently explained that this is not the case for anything else so I am now petrified of being ill) I came from a luxury childhood and have spent my adult years impoverished. My husband is the opposite – poor scouse lad, single mother, 5 children to good career and good earnings and he is MUCH more paranoid about money. Interesting.

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      • It is interesting – it’s a specter of poverty that never goes away even though we are best suited to deal with it (having survived). I prefer to be conscious for everything and my oral surgeon here was horrified that I would not go under to have a tooth pulled. Just as well I wasn’t as the tool malfunctioned burning my mouth and then his hand. I was able to stop him before it got really bad. He had to, more or less, sit on my chest to get the molar out. I felt like offering him some of my xanax as he needed it! 🙂 BTW, don’t be petrified of being ill – there is a small copay, then a deductible and a maximum outlay (that you can afford) even if you have to be medi-vacked for some urgent surgery. At least you don’t have to wait for a year or more. 😉

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      • Do NOT get me started on the NHS …. and thank you for all that information. I will try and stay chilled about it all and I must say that so far the treatment I have received as standard is 5* … just being told that certain tests are standard where in the UK you have to beg is night and day. Tooth pulling I am OK with which is just as well as I have the mouth of a 70 year old horse!

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  2. Hilarious. Sounds like you had quite a full night! Can you imagine waking up to find you had blogged under the influence?!
    But try not to worry too much about the cataract. I know several people who have had it done while young and it has gone very well for them.
    Looking forward to hearing the business idea too in due course

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