A compliment

kerry mundo

I have been unwell for the last few days and so tired that you could see my drooping eyelid from an old scar. Then Teddy gave me a backhanded compliment today. His stats on Flickr had been down but his photograph of me was popular at least. Was that a compliment?

Anyway this is a photo of me on our wonderful trip to Baha in December and two photographic groups asked Teddy if they could include my photo. I immediately checked that they weren’t ageing swingers (there have been some weird stalkers of me on his site) but one in particular touched my heart.

The site is called Beautiful faces of women, men and children

For most of my life I have felt unattractive, most of it is part of my mental illness but some of it real, and today this made me smile. The other site was mundo global de photografies

55 thoughts on “A compliment

  1. Curl up into your cocoon and heal. All will still be here when you are ready to fly again. The picture IS beautiful. You ARE beautiful and I can think of no better forum to show you off than ‘beautiful faces of women, men and children’ xx

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  2. Maybe the world’s judging ways is why beautiful people like you felt unattractive because the world can be so cruel but the appreciation of friends is a good solace and many know the truth, you shine brightly.

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  3. I never thought about that. You know I hated my features at school – I just looked so different from everyone else in Scotland. One of my aunts commented that I might have some African blood and she had no idea about my ancestry. I bumped into Dionne Warwick at the airport recently and she looked amazing. Really high cheekbones and flawless skin that looked natural.

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