Papa Francisco for President!

Courtesy of Martin Schultz, Flickr

Courtesy of Martin Schultz, Flickr

Did you see Pope Francis giving them hell (or whatever is appropriate) in Morelia when the crowd pulling on him caused him to fall on a disabled man? He told them that they were selfish – bet they are going straight to hell! He gave a very moving Mass in the poor state of Chiapas in Mexico and yet again railed on the rich Hispanics who had badly treated the indigenous natives in that state and all over Mexico.

Go Jorge (that’s his real name and the one that I use for love letters…)! He would be a fabulous President, wouldn’t he? Okay, so he wasn’t born in America but neither was Ted Cruz. SNAP!!! I can’t tell you much I have wanted to say that. 🙂 Pope Francis has a strong moral code and he doesn’t give a damn who he gives a row to. He would sort out our horrible Congress and Lobbyists. Shame them into doing what they are supposed to – serve their constituents.

The water situation at Flint, Michigan is an example of how we are failing badly, as a nation. Who cares about how much it costs to get new pipes in – these people need clean, safe water. I am shocked at the lack of action. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist or even an engineer to figure out how bring water to these residents. In Egypt, only the cities have plumbed water (and it is pretty decent given that it comes from the Nile) and the country houses have water delivered into tanks that supply their pipes. This happens all over the Middle East. If I third world country can do this, why can’t we? I bet it doesn’t cause a trillion dollars either.

Why haven’t they put the people responsible in court, if not in prison? Surely they are guilty of a human rights crime? Send them to a Texas prison – they will never get out. When I returned from my unpaid work yesterday – which I went to even though I had not slept the previous night – I noticed one of these ridiculous weavers, in a BMW, going way too fast along our main thoroughfare. He was skipping in and out of the three lanes in a stupid and dangerous attempt to get somewhere a few minutes faster. I was thinking, ‘Where is the Sheriff when you need him’ and lo, along came a stealth Sheriff, silently but swiftly stalking him. Finally, he caught up with him and took him off into a car park never to be seen again. I am just kidding, it’s not that bad here!

Anyway, I know it will never happen, especially since Pope Francis would be an illegal Hispanic immigrant. SNAP! But I love the idea of an strong, good President who believes in social justice and will give you a row for being greedy. I am now torn over who I would choose to be with in the Zombie Apocolypse. Pitbull or Pope Francis? I am veering towards Jorge since he dances a mean tango…

39 thoughts on “Papa Francisco for President!

  1. Now that is the sort of rant I can applaud. You are so right about Jorge … he would make a fantastic leader of any country and particularly one’s that are in a selfish pot-mess. He is unquestionably the best Pope I have seen including JP2 who was pretty damn refreshing at the time. As for the water in Michigan – shame shame shame on all the powers that be. there is no excuse and until the situation is sorted I will be referring to the US as a 4th world country. Which may mean I am waving you off from Logan and not allowed to come back but some things are too important to be dipolomatic about 🙂

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      • Weird Guy is inspiring – I loved his piece on speaking out! And in the land of the free I’ll just keep on speaking my mind. Scratch that – I’ll just keep on speaking my mind whatever the land. Hugs to you too x

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  2. I like the POpe’s ability to say what he wants even if it rocks the status quo. And America is in the situation it is in becausae of idiot American voting habits. I don’t vote by party. I vote by one simple rule, what did you do the last four years. Bush NEVER should have gotten a second term. Obama NEVER should have gotten a second term. BOTH FAILED. When Americans learn to vote that way, things will really change. So, 16 years of failed Presidents and this is where we are. As for local problems, as log as Senators and Congressmen are voted in for 20 and 30 years without accomlishing a FREAKING THING. What can we expect.

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  3. Kerry, I wish I could have faith in government leadership coming from any walk of life.. In so many ways I stay open minded about possibilities.. Politics I am not.. The only way that may be reversed is by people who boldly support a person with nonpaid and no lobby affiliates, to motivate their support..
    Then that nominee win and make true positive changes..
    Your post meets that first requirement..
    So it’s still a long road for my faith in government change..
    I think the best radical thing to do is throw out all the politicians and lobbyists.. Then only elect people who seem to be public servants and watchdog them thru their terms to make sure they don’t convert into politicians.. Lobbyists would have to adhere to strict standards to lobby on the Hill.. The most important standard would be no kickbacks and no salaries from or for lobbyists..

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    • Wow, Pan – you should write a post on this. You have so clearly elucidated many people’s opinion about politics in this nation. My post was just a satirical snark but there was real feelings behind it. If it helps, it isn’t much better in other first world nations. Lobbyists are particularly bad in the States, however. I think that nothing will change dramatically and for the most part that is a good thing. The Arab Spring was a good example of how dramatic change doesn’t always work.

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      • I wouldn’t know where to start to make a post about Kerry.. Writing opinions that rattle out of my head in response is so much different than making a post of my own on a subject.. You really did motivate me to type my mind.. In that alone, that tells you a bit about you and me both.. You are more of leader caliber and I’m more of a supporter.. Brains and Brawn I guess 😂

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      • Hardly brain and brawn. You have a fine mind. When I started my blog it was purely to write travelogues. Then I started experimenting and it was fun! I don’t like to talk politics very often but when I do, I always add humor to take some of the rant out of it. I am very much in a minority in Texas so it is liberating to express my opinions when I dare not express them in public often. Also I don’t really want to offend people just make them think and laugh. I still can’t believe that you and Guy had breakfast yesterday. Did you know each other before blogging?

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      • Yes, slightly but it really is because we work for the same company.. I saw him at our shop yesterday morning when he had his car down there.. He asked if I wanted to grab breakfast and I said yes.. Normally I’d turn an invitation to a restaurant down but we hadn’t talked in person very much and I went for the conversation more than the food.. Luckily both were good 😄

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      • I’m pretty sure that the virtual friendship will be our main connection.. Once he jumps in his sailboat, I’m not sure if we’d see each other again.. He’s really got adventures in his future that would make meeting for a meal almost impossible 😄
        I’m looking forward to the pictures and writings from him as the captain of his ship 👍

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  4. I offer this view of the visit to Mexico….those who live behind walls and fences should not attempt to belittle the benefits of said walls and fences lest they appear to be hypocrites!

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