Downtown Houston

midtown water
It can be hard to sell Houston as a tourist destination but it is a great place to live. For any of you who have just stopped on a layover or a brief visit, you may not have seen it’s beauty among the many freeways and suburban sprawl. These photos were taken when we stayed downtown (midtown is really part of downtown) to go my work Christmas party in December – so look at that weather, folks!
sidewalk cafe houston
Many of the restaurants have lovely sidewalk patios which come alive when the downtown workers finish work.
skyscrapers downtown
Although we have large skyscrapers in downtown, it has a very quiet and peaceful feel and unlike other parts of the city has nice sidewalks. The view from the top of some of the buildings is spectacular. You can see for miles around as it is a coastal plain with many attractive bayous that are filled with fish, turtles and alligators.
trees downtown
We even have beautiful trees, everywhere! It is subtropical so they just grow and grow and grow. Come visit some time, the folks are friendly. πŸ™‚

34 thoughts on “Downtown Houston

  1. Never been to that part of the world … and certainly don’t have the funds for further travels …
    Can i ask how you put your ‘global visitors’ on your side bar? I really like it and would like to try doing it on my site, but as you know i have very limited tech skills!

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  2. It is a quirky place, there is everything and anything in Houston. A bit overwhelming at first, I agree, but it really is a neat place. I have my favorite spots, some are truly enchanting. The new train system is a great great great addition!

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