The interview

k interview suit

This was the best I could do with a hastily taken photograph that wasn’t sharp but I hope you get the picture. I have not been blogging much recently and the reason why was I submitted my resume to an events company and they asked me to interview. My dear friend had just gifted me a gorgeous Michael Kors dress that fitted beautifully. It had a high neck and long sleeves – perfect for an interview but I had no jacket. I decided to go to my favorite thrift store and found a jacket that was brand new, with the tickets on, ($200) for $10 – what a find! The company offered me the job (which may vary) on the spot but mostly I will be meeting VIPs at the airport and making sure they get safely to their destination.

My first weekend was chaotic – two major events were in town, flights were delayed by weather and the road conditions were terrible. I discovered that night driving with a new lens is difficult. I can see much better but there are flashing halos everywhere. To my utter surprise I like my new job and hope they like me. In the midst of all this my husband launched our new website on Friday and we have our first customer! I will focus on that in the next post but once again thank you to two friends, one who recommended me for the job and the other for the gorgeous dress. Not only that, they were supportive and loving in the midst of my angst.

43 thoughts on “The interview

  1. Mrs. Stripe will be leaving with peace.. Our pets know us, they feel our emotional rollercoaster as we go thru life.. They don’t understand the details but they know when good or bad things happen to their people.. And here you are, launching a career that seems to fit you like your wonderful outfit does.. This is bittersweet because you will miss her greatly.. But she goes with the peace that her person is ok.. πŸ’›

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    • Thank you so much, Pan. I have been planning this for weeks but was waiting for my husband to be ready. I have given her a last supper of tuna in spring water, with some pain medication in it and have made my peace with losing my best cat ever. She sat on my knee for the first time in 15 years this week and I knew she was asking me to stop the pain. So, I will cry but be happy. Hugs K x

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