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DRUM ROLL…….we officially launched our new company a few days ago. At Gattageo LLC we offer unique field trips to areas of geological interest to both non-geologists and professionals along with traditional services. Andy (aka Teddy) has years of experience in this field and has the capacity to make you excited about the earth, our landscape and natural monuments. I will provide the joie de vivre at visits to wineries and with funny stories…

All the photographs on his website are his own, he sells some through Getty Images, and a field trip will offer fantastic camera opportunities for this participants. I could not be more proud of the magnificent website he created with very little aesthetic input from me – although the name was my idea. Even if you have no interest in a field trip, take a look at the layout as it’s striking. Perhaps you could pass this information onto your company as it would be a perfect team building trip for people who sit in offices all day?

You will enjoy the bio page and learn a little more about Teddy and Bunny. As usual click on the red links to see the website.

31 thoughts on “Gattageo LLC

    • Sarah, that is such a kind and thoughtful offer. We have had to rush the launch of the website because summer is coming up and is not suitable for field trips. We are both considering FB and Twitter and will let you know, asap. It is both overwhelming and exciting. Hugs K xx

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  1. The website is amazing and a great idea for the banner! Good luck to you Kerry and Andy on this new adventure! I look forward to reading some future posts about the success of this! Happy day to both of you! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to the Pilot in Green River, Ut. that’s in the map insert on the safety page of the website.. I had to check out Teddy’s safety page ! ๐Ÿ˜„ Once on one of our trips Mom and I stopped there for fuel, then stopped a half hour later at the wb rest area just before the San Rafael Swell, where she chased and caught a tumbleweed.. We were always kidding about grabbing one as they bounced across the highways, well she got one ! The Swell always amazed us both to view.. That’s an amazing geological feature but I don’t know if it’s accessible to explore.. And Grand Junction is no stranger either, I used to bring a pails of frozen strawberries to nearby Montrose, Co… The excursions are to some of the best “alien” terrians for most people.. It’s a different world of sight and sound.. You wouldn’t even have to have an interest in geology to appreciate and enjoy the trip..
    And to have all that knowledge in Teddy’s head at your disposal and listening to your brand of storytelling, I think is the icing on the cake ๐Ÿ‘
    I used to also deliver to a small customer in Rifle, Co. and learned of “the rock that burns” .. I know that it used to be considered not viable to extract oil from the shale but recently heard it’s now being done, where I don’t know or if that type shale would be in any of the terrains you cover but it’s so cool to do ๐Ÿ˜„
    This is so exciting Kerry, I’m so happy for you and Teddy in this enterprise !!!
    I wish I still ran loads out there but I’m an east of the Mississippi gal, at least for now..
    The site itself is well done ๐Ÿ‘


    • What a fabulous comment, Pan. Teddy says the Swell is accessible and in some places they are extracting the oil from the shale. We are both excited about this potential business, even if it is part-time. You have made us feel so much better after a sad day when Mrs. Stripe went to Heaven and is now buried in the garden. Love and hugs Kerry xx
      PS I was overexcited when I saw my first tumbleweed in Amarillo. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      • Lol, Amarillo, I worked for a company where we had a satellite terminal there.. A few of our drivers actually ate the 72 oz steak for free.. which means they had to eat the sides that came with it too..
        I sent my nephew a postcard of a jackelope and spun a tale of how a herd of them closed down i 40 near Amarillo.. I didn’t know he’d really believe me and he did a show n tell at his school about them.. Poor kid, he was mad at me for a long time over that ๐Ÿ˜‚

        Until I saw one closeup, I didn’t know how prickly those tumbleweeds are but that didn’t deter my Mom ๐Ÿ˜„

        The Swell would be awesome to gain access to, I can only imagine being an insignificant dot on the landscape there..

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      • One driver wasn’t even a big guy, the other 2 that I knew, were pretty big guys.. Regardless, I don’t know how anyone could manage to eat a 5 lb steak and the sides that go with with it.. I think the sides were a veggie and potato of choice..
        Many ppl have tried and ended up paying the $30 meal (at that time ) because its only free if you finish the meal there..
        I think the ppl who do finish, probably eat big on a regular basis.. The name of the place is The Big Texan, I’m guessing it’s still in business, it was a landmark place even when I was thru Amarillo back in the 90’s..

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