“Oh yes, she’s back…”

Happy Hibiscus

Happy Hibiscus

I have missed everybody and it’s great to be back. I’m not very good at following advice that I would give someone else but this time I did the sensible thing and took a break from everything. Work, blogging, socializing – if I had a cave I would have gone to stay in it.

My slow recovery and continued pain from the eye surgery was contributing to my low mood but fortunately my regular eye doctor has provided huge relief by inserting little collagen stoppers into my leaky tear ducts so that some liquid stays in the eyes. He said I had striations from the dryness which was causing pain up to the scale of 10. When I started researching my eye problem, I reduced a variety of factors that were contributing to my chronic dry eye. I cut back on my essential medication to a manageable level, stopped taking the painkillers and anti-histamines. Then I cleaned my diet – more Omega 3s, less caffeine, less alcohol and more vegetables. I walked every day for 3 or 4 miles and was vigilant with eye drops and cleansing.

It all helped but the honest truth is that I think most of it was a mechanical problem – the tear ducts were just not working properly. This is common, particularly in menopausal women but the less said about that the better… I am not having hot flashes – it just gets suddenly hot in the sub-tropics. 🙂 With more liquid in my eyes the vision is my post cataract eye is much better and I have super spidey vision with tiny writing. It’s a nice plus in a protracted recovery.

Last weekend I knew I was feeling better because I suddenly wanted to go on a solo trip with our air miles. We have been very thrifty (our water bill has increased from $10 to $10.10!) and it was a relatively inexpensive trip with a free flight and a fantastic Hotwire deal on a historic hotel in downtown Charleston, South Carolina. This week I will be telling you all about it. Sometimes you just need a literal break away.

This red link “Kerry chatting” will take you to a little video of me chatting in my dulcet Celtic tones – I just want to say thank you, literally, for all the support you gave me. It meant so much.

57 thoughts on ““Oh yes, she’s back…”

      • Usually, I can’t stand the sound of my voice but perhaps the accent has muted. It has a very calming influence at work – and I once got a marriage proposal from a complete stranger based on my accent – what? David Benioff’s wife said she would divorce him if he killed off Jon Snow. 🙂

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  1. chattykerry, welcome back – I have missed you! I am very glad you are feeling better and back online with your blogger friends. I look forward to your telling us about your recent trip. So glad to see you back! 🙂

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  2. Great to have you back. It’s not been the same without you – it’s been kind, rational…just kidding! You are a such a positive force in the weird virtual world so welcome back. All best wishes, Nick

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  3. Nice to have you back Kerry. Very nice vid – you have retained that soft Scottish brogue haven’t you? The stereotype Scottish accent is the harsh, industrial Glasgow snarl 🙂 Hope you stay well and chatty.

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    • Thank you so much, Roy. My Nana was rather posh and she would have slapped me had I spoken with a broad Glasgow accent! Then I went to drama class which made me enunciate even more. “My father’s car is a Jaguar”. 🙂


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