Bloody Dolphins!

Do you see the dolphins?

Do you see the dolphins?

Bloody dolphins! I know they are invisible but there is a mummy dolphin with two cute little babies, diving in and out of the water. Diving in precisely when I took each shot… Despite my fear of deep water I love to be near it and took advantage of a little water taxi service in Charleston that takes you upriver to the Aquarium, across the Cooper river to Patriot’s Point where the USS Yorktown Aircraft Carrier is now a military museum, then to the Marina, and then back to the center of the Historic district. It was $10 for all day use and I just loved it.

Water Taxi Charleston

Water Taxi Charleston

Charleston is a peninsula, with two rivers on either side leading out into a wide estuary and then into the Atlantic Ocean. It was curiously hot during my stay and very humid (even more than Houston) and the water was soothing to both my dry eyes and soul. My desperation to snap more dolphins made me put up with being in a tiny boat across a major shipping lane – eek!

This is how deep the Cooper river must be....

This is how deep the Cooper river must be….

When we lived in the north of Scotland (for almost 20 years) we were close to the Moray Firth, home to the most northerly group of bottle-nosed dolphins. The water is warmed by the North Atlantic Drift supporting plants and creatures that would normally not live in such a cold climate. Despite being on the coast thousands of times we only saw the dolphins ONCE! I am sure they were always there, laughing hysterically as they do, hiding when we watched for them. They had a bad reputation as fearsome predators and would regularly beat up the poor little porpoises. It was man’s fault, as ever, because we had over fished their territory and there was a battle for food.

Back to Charleston – those too are Atlantic bottle-nosed dolphins. The rivers and estuaries are home to all sorts of seabirds and fish. It was a seafood lover’s paradise which was wasted on me but I did enjoy some really delicious food. Between the sea and the sun, I and every other tourist was as brown as a berry. There is no need to have a car in downtown Charleston as there are free bus services and easy walking with sidewalks everywhere. I didn’t notice many overweight people – it was quicker to walk to your destination than wait for a bus. It was a very short visit but I would have loved to have visited a plantation and got out into the real countryside.

On land for the next post but one last action shot from the person who is terrified of deep water.

I was leaning right over the taxi to get a shot of USS Yorktown.

I was leaning right over the taxi to get a shot of USS Yorktown.

35 thoughts on “Bloody Dolphins!

  1. For someone who is afraid of the deep water, you were leaning quite a ways! You remember I am not too much into water either! Great post, dear! Hope you are having a wonderful Saturday! 🙂

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    • Thank you, Terry. I get quite excited when I forget about my fear and was ridiculously reckless when I spotted whales in Monterrey. Hope you are comfortable today – I have had a tummy bug for a few days so I empathize with frequent visits to the bathroom… 🙂

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  2. I love dolphins so I will imagine them under the water. I also love water. I have, though had the occasional panic attack near deep water notably in a cove in Greece called (translated) ‘The Deaf Place’ because it is seeminly soundless. German U-boats hid there in the war …. I started to swim and had to turn around because I was entirely convinced there were bad things beneath. The other place that I just can’t like, despite loving the Lake District is Wast Water – the deepest one. I’ve been three times – as a child, as a young woman and as a more (ahem) mature woman and each time I have had the most dreadful creeping sensation and had to leave. Funny.

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  3. Guess they were just playing with you 😉 “come into the water with us Terry , then we’ll let you photograph us” 🙂
    We have a colony of them nearby where we live . You may want to peek at . You’ll be able to watch them over and under the water , safely from your sofa 😉 You’ll maybe notice their beach is the one featured on my header 😉
    Turtle Hugs from another Dolphin lover

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