Patriot’s Point, Charleston, SC

USS Clagamore

USS Clagamore

Happy Memorial Day and thank you to our military for their service. This military and naval museum is home to three ships, the USS Yorktown, a naval aircraft carrier commissioned in 1943, USS Laffey, a destroyer known as ‘the ship that would not die’ and USS Clamagore, a submarine and is the only surviving GUPPY type submarine.

I was fascinated by the whole museum especially watching the helicopters take off from the Yorktown from the vantage point of the Water Taxi. There was dread in my heart as I gazed at the ancient submarine and wondered how anyone could cope with the claustrophobic conditions. I guess when you are fighting at war you just get on with it. When young, I considered joining the Navy (what fear of deep water?) but I think my strength would be in spy craft. My skills lie in noticing every detail (great at an airport), excellent communication skills and a little bit of fairy glamor.

USS Gaffney

USS Laffey

I used to be reasonably fluent in Arabic and a fellow volunteer suggested that I work for the CIA. Since my language skills stopped at ordering a kilo of bananas (mooz) or berating taxi drivers, I think I would be under-qualified. I was going to suggest that my mental illness might be an issue but look at Crazy Carrie in Homeland and Sir Winston Churchill whose black dog (depression) tortured him? I have no fear of dangerous countries so that’s a plus!

Recently, I tried to search military records for my ancestors. My UK ancestors were mostly farmers so would have been exempt from fighting. I found my paternal grandfather’s World War I draft card but no evidence that he served in that war. His brother, my great uncle Earl, fought with distinction in the battle of Managua. My father (or Pinocchio) told my mum that he had flown in WWII but there is no evidence of this, other than in his head. I inherited my fairy glamor from him but he used it for evil not good. 🙂

USS Yorktown

USS Yorktown

Every year I think about the young men and women who have fought in deplorable conditions for wars that seem meaningless. I have met them in a psychiatric hospital and often at the airport. Thank you for serving your country and trying to keep us safe.

23 thoughts on “Patriot’s Point, Charleston, SC

  1. I cannot imagine anything worse than going to war in a submarine. We went alongside one in dry dock at Lorient. What a horrible sinister thing it is. Submariners are the bravest of the brave, IMHO.

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  2. It’s hard to imagine the fear that a young man or woman feels when faced with the reality of fighting on land, sea or in the air. Actually, I don’t really think that I can. I can however imagine you as a brilliant spy for all the reasons outlined above and a knob of feist thrown in for good measure 🙂

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  3. Great photographs. My husband would love seeing these ships. I hope to visit Charleston one day. It’s not really that far away, but we somehow always have other destinations in mind when we have time. One day…….


  4. Well said Kerry. Every last man or woman that signs up to military service is a hero in my book. The roll call of slaughter down the years is endless, and these guys know the score, but still they put their hands up. (I never could, I’d be the one pretending to be a farmer 🙂 )

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  5. Kerry, I think you would have been a tremendous asset to the CIA especially with your skill of fairy glamor 😉 Thank you for posting the background on these vessels. We have a submarine based here in Pittsburgh at the Carnegie Museum (been there for years) but I’ve yet to visit.

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