Good news, at last.

Teddy and Bunny Old Tampa Bay

Teddy and Bunny
Old Tampa Bay

This is Teddy and I celebrating his new job which he started this week. It has been a long six months, with illness, bereavement and stress. Thank you to all my followers for your support, especially during some dark days. As many of you know, Teddy set up Gattageo LLC during his unemployment whilst applying for endless jobs. I always knew that he would have to look for a staff job, for health care amongst other reasons but supported him as much as I was able. In the end, it was a former employer, who knew Teddy’s worth, who approached him to join a small geological consultancy as a senior sedimentologist. There is a conflict of interest with Gattageo LLC so it has been temporarily put aside but none of the work will be wasted as he will use it in his new role or in the future.

When we received the contract, I immediately booked a little trip to Tampa in the few days he had left before starting (more of that later). It was a lovely feeling to both escape the biblically wet weather in Houston and just breathe a sigh of relief. The night before he started his new job, I laid out his outfit and he packed his pencils. He was anxious but excited and I felt like a mom whose child was starting kindergarten! We are onto day 3 and so far, so good. He is straight into work and loving that. My meet and greet job is on a hiatus during the hot summer, although I was head-hunted by a cruise line. I think I just need some time to heal and relax.

The first day on my own was delicious but strange. I slept until noon and then returned some shoes. I went crazy and spent that $20 on two tops in Old Navy (modeling blog later). The house is already cleaner that it has been in months and our water bill will increase again… I am still in thrift mode, however, and I doubt it will ever go especially as we are approaching retirement. It has been excellent practice for the strangeness of retirement when you are both stuck together in the house. Now we know that Teddy needs to volunteer or work part-time and Bunny needs the house to herself for days at a time.

I have learned that my chronic mental illness has the capacity to get dramatically worse in times of stress and I need to seek help ASAP (which I did). The medications are already reduced and I feel as normal as I ever do – i.e. a permanent state of slight anxiety with low levels of depression. This is well managed with sleep, medication and plenty of time alone. It struck me that although everyone assumes I am a social butterfly, I really spend two thirds of my time alone or sleeping. If I have a busy day volunteering (4 hours), I might have to go to bed the following day to unwind.

We learned a lot about our marriage and love. The hard work of 34 years of marriage was not wasted. We tried so hard to boost each other up and say we loved each other. It taught us some new skills that we will need for the future. I thought we were already frugal but we could be self-indulgent at times, especially with meals out and luxury items. It is so important to have access to health-care and we did but it was very expensive. If you don’t have good health then life has little pleasure. We will continue to be kind to people on the way up as we have truly appreciated the support that we have received, from strangers to good friends and neighbors. Thank you!


48 thoughts on “Good news, at last.

  1. This is wonderful news Kerry, so happy Teddy is once again working. I understand about being around each other 24 hours a day – Gary and I do that now and trust me I need my alone time also. Very happy you are feeling better, good things are happening my friend! I hope to come visit you soon! Happy day to you! 🙂

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  2. I danced in the Kitchen when Terry told us his house was sold (all bar the shouting) and now I’ve danced again for you and Teddy. I am beyond delighted to read this. Really really thrilled and I send you both love straight from my heart even though we have never met. xx

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  3. Wow ! Good News 😀
    I’m so very very very happy for you both 🙂
    It is so good to see two people working together towards what is best for both of them and understanding each other’s needs and peculiarities (sorry couldn’t find another word , but in Portuguese this is the one that would make sense 😉 ) .
    Congratulations on a very good work of 34 years 🙂 This is what marriage is supposed to be …growing together 🙂
    Wishing success and happiness for Teddy on his new job , and that a good job for you where you can excel and have a good for you schedule will show up soon 🙂
    Turtle Hugs

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  4. Yay! Go Teddy!
    I am so pleased for Teddy that he has a new job even if I have no idea what it is :-/ !
    Thrifty is the new flash Kerry so you are simply being fashionable as far as i am concerned 😉
    Glad all is good and I hope it remains so now for long many a day.
    Love and best wishes to you both 😉 xx

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  5. I’ve not been following your blog for very long, but Good News is always a tonic to read. So pleased to read of a couple who have weathered some of Life’s tempests. Well done you two!!
    Best wishes to you both for the future.

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  6. That’s very good news, Kerry. So pleased for you. And I do understand the need for time on your own. However much you love somebody, when you have been used to having time to yourself while they are at work, it can he difficult to adjust to having their permanent presence and finding that your ‘me time’ has vanished.

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