Black and neutral summer capsule wardrobe

linen slacks 2
I am wearing a black and cream top from Old Navy (circa $20) with last season’s linen pants (Lou and Grey). The pants were elasticated at the bottom, harem style, but I took it out, as one leg was always up and the other down – not the sophisticated look I was going for. πŸ™‚ I am wearing suede espadrilles from last year with my mother in law’s black antique hematite necklace.

chevron shorts gray2

New knitted and lined chevron dress shorts from Ross (circa $9) with last season’s lightweight knitted silver sweater. Black high heeled Crocs from last season.

linen skirt

Previous black and ivory top with Tommy Bahama’s lined linen skirt with ruffles. Cream high heeled Crocs – incredibly comfortable and light.

chevron shorts black

Previous chevron shorts with plain black v-neck t-shirt from Old Navy (circa $8). Black studded leather flat sandals from JC Penney and turtle pendant – a gift from friends who were living in Trinidad and Tobago.

It drives me to distraction that US stores have separate Junior and Adult women sections. I am 4 years away from age 60 (a senior citizen…) but we can all wear the same clothes in the less expensive stores. I like to mix them with some more expensive items like the Tommy Bahama’s skirt which was a much loved indulgence from a couple of years ago. My hair is a little blonder for summer and shorter. All the shoes were bought on sale from DSW, Amazon or JC Penney. Makeup and nail lacquer in muted neutral tones. I wear Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer in the summer with some bronzer, blusher and illuminator to enhance my slight tan

44 thoughts on “Black and neutral summer capsule wardrobe

  1. Excellent pairings! I agree, it too drives me insane when stores (example: TJ Maxx or Marshalls) put the Juniors together then everyone else together. Look (insert store name), I’m not going to buy hoochie-mama, bootie shorts from your junior department but that top in your junior section is adorable and looks just like something I saw in Antropologie soooo…… If they were smart, they would put trends with trends and not the “I can rock a bikini” section and an “I’ve given up on life” section.

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    • Thank you! You should write to them and tell them. Nordstrom (and Rack) is pretty good at setting out trends. I love Forever 51 – and I see plenty of people my age in there. Some of them are looking for hoochie-mama stuff, though… πŸ™‚

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  2. Ahh I’m really late! You look great Kerry! I really like the black sandles! I need to buy clothes! Lol. I bought some like a month ago but I need to get some jeans! The cuffed jeans and capris are coming back so I want some of those. I usually like a classic style.

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