Small Town America

antique modern

Happy 4th July!!!

On Saturday we went to Montgomery, our favorite small town, close to our own home. This is a newly renovated antique shop, Modern Farmhouse Antiques, above, but they have kept the post office boxes, below, intact – isn’t it wonderful?

post office

On one side of Modern Farmhouse Antiques there had been a soda shop and the other side was the post office. One of the banks, below, has been a pet store for some years.

first state bank

This another of our favorite antique shops below – Garrett House Antiques.
garrett antiques
Montgomery is a thriving small town and when you eavesdrop on the locals you hear the warmth and care of a real community. Sam Houston visited Montgomery and is one of the founding fathers of the state of Texas. I enjoy the link to Montgomery because I come from a long line of people named for him and looking at the antebellum houses summons up a visual image of the times. My great grandfather was named Sam Houston Dellinger.

We always eat at the Cozy Grape where I greet my favorite server, Caroline, in her native language, “Bonjour, Caroline! Γ‡a va?” This is followed by European hugs and kisses. On one memorable occasion, a table of older ladies commented, “Oh my, it’s just like being in Paris!” It’s not really but it was delightful to see the wonder on their faces – so exotique!

Finally a marker to the history of Montgomery. Happy Independence Day!
montgomery sign

23 thoughts on “Small Town America

  1. I do like the civic pride which many American small towns seem to have. It takes commitment from the people themselves I imagine with budgets being stretched to pay for essentials. Certainly people will head for places that are attractive and offer a welcome, like Montgomery.

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    • Thank you very much, Roy. We are fortunate to live on the periphery of Houston which has wealth (as well as poverty) and some of filters to the outlying areas. That said, almost everyone decorates including me!

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  2. Happy 4th to you dear Kerry. I’m like a wide-eyed child in the sweet shop (or kid in a candy store if I’m speaking proper ‘Merican) drinking all this excitement in. The town looks gorgeous and I’m very pleased that Caroline has someone to faire les bises with her πŸ™‚

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