In Memorium

White Ginger Blossom

White Ginger Blossom

I was driving down our main interstate to meet my husband for lunch in downtown Houston. A large car dealership had a flag at half-mast and I wondered if I had missed something, not having seen the news since the previous day. It struck me that President Bush Senior might have passed on and then I forgot about it.

When I arrived home and turned on the TV, there was the sad news of yet another mass shooting of officers who had been guarding a peaceful protest in Dallas TX. This time, I have no opinion of the circumstances or gun law but just wanted to express my condolences not just to the officers killed this time but all the other innocent victims from other atrocities all over the world.

I now expect something awful when I turn on the news. Hostages killed in Dacca, bombs in Iraq marketplaces, a massacre at a nightclub. May they all rest in peace.

22 thoughts on “In Memorium

  1. These days the awful news is brought to our screens instantly as well, from all over the world. Maybe it was always this way but the times seem far more dangerous right now. Joining you in thinking about those who have suffered the loss of loved ones.

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  2. Years ago, I decided the news was simply too negative, so I now only listen to the weather channel … and if they don’t stop being so dramatic and continue recasting past disasters, as if they are current events, I might stop tuning them in!
    If you follow my blog, you’ve probably noticed that my focus is divided between useful information for pet owners and humor… hopefully, in some small way, this helps to balance all the negativity in the news….

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  3. Truly shocking of what happened in Dallas and now in St. Paul-Minneapolis 😦 It’s sad already with the shooting incidents and now the protests turned to be violent instead of a peaceful one. I meet friendly and kind people in the US, it’s sad to see the recent issue could divide a nation 😦

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