Nikita and the flamingo



This is the adorable ‘poodle’ Nikita that friends of ours had brought from Azerbaijan to Egypt (via Kuwait). She was not 100% poodle but near enough that it made no difference. Our friends arrived in Egypt shortly after the second Gulf War broke out and had been evacuated from Kuwait. They needed to travel shortly after arriving and asked if we would look after Nikita in our villa.

I was delighted, Teddy not so much. At this stage we just had Mrs. Stripe, who was still very feral and living in the garden, so not our pet as such. Before we arrived in Egypt I had lost my mum and the two remaining elderly Scottish cats. I didn’t really lose them – they died… We had decided “NO MORE PETS!” Despite that, I really missed having little fur babies to cuddle.

So as indulgent aunt and uncle to Nikita, we spoiled her rotten. She came with her toys and food but we could tell that she, too, was traumatized by the recent move. Firstly, I insisted that she sleep in the bed with us, under the covers, because she might be frightened with new people in a new house. She was SO excited, Teddy not so much…

I noticed that she didn’t really play that much with her toys which included a pink stuffed flamingo. We decided that she might like a silly game. Our villa had an open staircase in the living area with a balcony. Teddy would steal flamingo and run up the stairs and dangle flamingo through the bars. Then he squealed in a high ‘flamingo’ voice, “Nikita, help me, help me!” I was at the bottom urging her to save flamingo from bad Teddy. She LOVED that game and would collapse in doggy giggles while rescuing flamingo. I would then praise her for her rescue skills.

Every day, when Uncle Teddy came home she would run to him with the flamingo in her mouth and the game would start all over. We had one small incident with jealous Mrs. Stripe who tried to scratch Nikita on the face – my leg got it instead. Finally mom and dad came back and I think Nikita was sad to leave us. The next week at work, Nikita’s Daddy said to Teddy, “You have ruined my dog. Why does she keep bringing me the flamingo and looking sad?” He probably wondered why Nikita wanted to sleep under the covers, too.

Ah, happy days and such a lovely memory especially since Nikita and her Daddy have both gone to heaven. Do you think they are playing the flamingo game in Heaven? Click on this link to read about my book, Letters from Cairo

Teddy and Nikita at the crime scene

Teddy and Nikita at the crime scene

20 thoughts on “Nikita and the flamingo

  1. People do not often realize how much pets are tramautized by relocation. Once as a child, I had a cat who stopped eating after we moved to a new apartment on the opposite side of the city. She would gaze out the window at different surroundings. LOst her apetite and died after about two weeks.

    Nikita was beautiful.

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  2. 💛 amazing how our pets affect our lives, even when the pet isn’t even ours.. I’m glad the owners got to see the playful side that you and Teddy brought out in that adorable ball of curls.. Even if just for a short time of Daddy doggie play..

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  3. Stop bugging me with likes 😤 I am immersed in a kindle book I just purchased on amazon.. And it’s your fault I had to download the app to my phone because I don’t have a kindle !

    Incidentally, your links worked smoothly and I’m really happy and happily reading.. Kitty cracked me up.. And I’d say your right, he did… or he wouldn’t have done it 😉

    Now, if you don’t mind, I’d like to get back to Letters from Cairo.. Its an adventure 👍

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      • I have a question, why at the bottom on each page does have a countdown of time ?
        I’m at , and this is what it says,
        2 hrs and 46 minutes b….
        I’m guessing b should be saying before.. But before what ?
        There’s not a time limit when you purchase a kindle book, is there ?

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      • Kindle does this so that you know how much reading time you have left. It is easy with regular books to see that you have half the book left and how long it should take you. They figure out how fast you are reading the book and then give you the time it might take you to finish. No time limit with a Kindle book unless you borrow it – Prime members can do that. It is yours for life!

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      • Oh I’ll really throw a wrench in thier predictive timetable 😂
        Sometimes I’ll read a chapter or even just a paragraph and rereading it just because I enjoy the action going on so much, or trying to figure out a whodunit..

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