Radio Static


When I was growing up we didn’t have a TV – WHAT???? We had a huge radio that was the size of an old fashioned TV. In the UK, the hip radio stations were pirate radio that operated offshore on ships and they would change their frequency. That combined with your parent’s choice of music (blah MOR), you had to fiddle about with the dials to find a station with music worth listening to and often you would just get radio static. Occasionally, I was lucky enough to tune into Radio Luxembourg, which played all the latest hits.

Right now my followers might get blog static – sometimes I will be writing every day, then not for a while. Some days I will look at your blog but if I don’t, please excuse me. I will just be resting and waiting for the menopause to be over! My latest symptom is mini hot flashes – 30 seconds and they are over. It is utterly fascinating especially since I normally have lizard DNA – always cold out of the sun.

No mood swings, thank goodness, nor night sweats. How can you tell when it is almost 100 degrees and humid for the whole summer? 😌 Anyway, thank you for tuning in…more to follow.


31 thoughts on “Radio Static

  1. Ummmm, ur totally not old enough for menopause,,,,but I understand about blogging in bursts. I try not to put stuff out unless it makes sense (to me) or has some value to someone as this is the only social media stuff I do and I’m good with that. Ur posts are great, thanks

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    • Oh, I am totally old enough for menopause but I will gracefully accept your silver tongued compliment. 😉 My family all look about 10 years younger than they are… and so glad you like my posts!

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  2. 30 second flushes … damned lucky if you ask me! I had em much longer and for 8 years and rejoiced in every one, menopause is the most wondrous thing that can happen to a woman. Freedom in so many ways …
    I’ll stay tuned, a bit of static does one no harm.

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    • Well, my doctor is not even sure that it is the menopause…but you have my sympathy for the MS diagnosis. I rather like US radio stations. I can spend a day listening to Hip Hop or Latin ballads – so much choice.

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  3. My radio is tuned in to “chattykerry” AM/FM , I’ll catch you when you come on 🙂
    And when you’re off , well I’ll just listen to the static (it’s basically what I’m also catching from my brain all the time now 😉 so I’m used to it )
    Relax and rest and “enjoy” your “mini-episodes”
    Turtle Hugs

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  4. I have a Beware of Dog sign that I put in the window when I’m out of the truck but Stewie is not..

    For the last few years I’ve been going through hot flashes off and one.. Lasting anywhere from minutes up to an hour each..

    🤔 Maybe I should ask our shop to paint


    On my driver door 😂

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  5. I well recall our electric radio that needed to warm up before anything was to be heard. ‘Listen with Mother’ in the 50s was a staple, and I recall listening to Brazil v England at football, live from Chile, in the 1962 World Cup.

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