Cersei or just ginger?


I dye my own hair both to save money and because it usually turns out a better color than a salon would achieve. Today I used a slightly different mix and as it was processing, my hair started going vivid auburn. Sometimes it does look a really odd color when processing, such as purple or gray, so I wasn’t too worried. Then I rinsed it off. Teddy was in the bathroom and I said, “See, it turned out blonde after all”. His response was, “Cersei blonde, perhaps?” For those of you who watch Game of Thrones you will now know that it turned out strawberry blonde, titian or maybe just ginger. I have dyed it green before and grayish lilac (not the modern Kelly Osbourne style), so ginger is okay. My hair is so coarse that it soaks up all the UV light from the sun and will be a different color next week anyway.

The fact that I dyed my hair at all is a sign that I am feeling better. I had let it go quite white which made me look even more wan and tired than I did before. My last post was about my many miserable birthdays. Quite unexpectedly, this one turned out to be the worst ever. I can’t talk about it because I might consult a lawyer at a later date. Suffice to say, that it didn’t help my current mood. I was convinced that my various symptoms were caused by the menopause and went downtown to the OB-GYN who had done the Vajazzling. Beforehand, I sent her a mini-thesis of symptoms. It was clear that she didn’t really think it was the menopause but prescribed a type of hormone replacement therapy. I have a doctor friend who had suggested this particular combo, so although I wasn’t sure I took the prescription. When I had the script filled, I was horrified that the generic cost $90 per month – this is a drug that has been used for 38 years. I could have said no but thought that a month’s treatment might kick start something. Desperation makes fools of all of us.

That morning I took one tablet with breakfast. I have an element of ADD in my illness, so of course I didn’t look at the contraindications… Later on I did and realized I had just wasted $90. I have a very delicate digestive system from having had undiagnosed Giardia for 5 years (a little gift from the people of Egypt) but the doctor had given me a low dose because of that. The one that horrified me was that I could not be in the sun without sunscreen or being covered up. I need unfiltered sunshine to give me a decent dose of Vitamin D. The next contraindication was that it might cause depression – seriously??? WTF! The next contraindication was acne for which I am being treated by my dermatologist (menopausal acne, of course). I was so angry at myself for not listening to my gut instinct and going to my regular GP who would have ordered some blood work.

It is always difficult seeing specialists and other doctors when you have an underlying mental illness because neither of us can be certain whether it is the chicken or the egg. I think she thought that it was all my depression and I think she could be right. I see my psychiatrist in a few weeks and in the meantime I have stopped caffeine, alcohol and have cleaned up my already good eating habits. After the one HRT tablet my tummy erupted, so that wouldn’t have worked anyway. On a funnier note, another potential side effect was facial hair. I already have issue with middle-aged chin hairs – mine are all white so you can’t even see the buggers. When I mentioned this to Teddy he said (and I knew he was going to say it), “Well, you could always join the circus”. I wanted to slap him but instead I fell on the floor laughing at his bearded lady joke. You’ve got to laugh… 😹

31 thoughts on “Cersei or just ginger?

    • Thank you so much, Anna. You are quite right about the ash blonde shades. I use professional colors with developer so I can’t help my desire to mix the colors differently… That said, even the regular Revlon shades will turn different colors each time, depending on the texture and condition of my hair (think brillo pad). 🙂


  1. Kerry your Cersei hair looks fabulous. From that photo one cannot believe you are that lady in your blog, with all those problems!!! I’m looking forward to catching up with you. So sorry to hear you have been so depressed….


    Liben xx


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  2. Happy that you’re feeling a bit better 🙂
    Wishing the other stuff will resolve sooner than later , and meanwhile keep flaunting your cersei blonde hair , you’re looking pretty awesome 🙂
    Turtle Hugs

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  3. Love the colour – you look stunning!
    Wrong meds can be a real downer, hope it sorts soon. Dying your hair does help cheer you up … as for Teddy and his circus jokes – well there is a clown in every party.

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  4. You look GORGEOUS! I love this faint titian – it reminds me of Elizabeth 1 in a very good way and she was a cookie and a half, lets face facts. Really dearest lovely girlie – you look very very good and I am pleased beyond measure that you are feeling well enough to want to wash way the bland white that plagues us and washes us out we don’t wash it out!

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    • Thank you so much, my dear Osyth. Over the last few months my regular color was going ashy and it was really ageing, so I have started adding a neutral gold. I am getting used to the Cersei/Elizabethan look… Your hair must be difficult to keep the roots under control or do you have one of these great new root sprays?

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      • I resign myself to a little badgeresque moment before giving it a vegetable rinse which seems to hold things at bay for around 5 weeks (more if I want to be more badger of course, which I don’t) … like you though when I am down I tend to let it ride and it just makes me feel worser and worser. There will come a time when I have to give in and I haven’t decided whether to go gamine with a crop like yours or just mad lady long and grey! A post for the future but not quite yet!!! I love yours – really it is Elizabethan and it really picks you up 🙂

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      • LOL! Badgers are beautiful! I did go gray when I first shaved off my hair but it is nasty gray – light at the front, dark at the back with the texture of a brillo pad. Blonde or Titian until death…

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