From blush to pink to burgundy

Blush lilies

Blush lilies

We are still at Mercer Arboretum in Houston and every year I wonder who decides on the amazing color palettes. Despite the heavy flooding, (and having to replant) the main theme was magenta and yellow with lots of white.

Hot pink azalea

Hot pink azalea

As you can imagine, every type of family celebration is filmed here. The most recent one is very pregnant ladies proudly showing their bump. I bet they don’t bother for the second baby! When I got married, people like Princess Diana, still wore maternity outfits that universally looked awful. I quite like the trend of showing it off but feel sorry for the poor mothers who just look swollen and miserable with zits all over their face. Not everyone looks like Chrissie Teigen when in bloom…

The celebration I love most is the Quinceneara, which is a fiesta for a fifteen year old girl. They all wear fantastical Princess dresses in hues that only a 15 year old Latino girl could get away with. I can tell that some of the families are from central America and how proud they must be that they can send their relatives photographs from this wonderful new place. Chances are that they live in a run-down apartment but their children might be doctors or lawyers.

Burgundy Coleanthus

Burgundy Coleanthus


7 thoughts on “From blush to pink to burgundy

    • Für den letzten Monat oder so hat es-um 100 Grad plus Feuchtigkeit und Überschwemmungen! Manchmal haben wir einen schönen Herbst, aber wenn wir einen Hurrikan zu bekommen, Sie blasen die Blätter aus, bevor Sie den farbigen Änderungen. Einige der Pflanzen Herbst Beeren Schon so habe ich denke, Sie wissen, was … 🍂 🌱


  1. Great pics btw 🙂 Oh my, how fashions have changed. I must admit I agree with you, with the ‘then’ frumpy and the ‘now’ really cool. But lets face it the girl must have a fairly decent body to pull this latest look off.

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