A spoonful of sugar…

….makes the medicine go down. I had great intentions of blogging more frequently but suddenly my health deteriorated last week and I had to go to ER. I have had a variety of nagging symptoms with no real diagnosis until a blood test showed my thyroid was a little under-active. I started taking some medication for this but suddenly, on Wednesday, was very dizzy, nauseous and my heart was beating out of my chest like a cartoon.

I checked to see if these were serious side effects and it said ‘go to ER, immediately’. Since it was evening, I had no other option. All I could think about was, ‘how much is this going to cost?’ I was also short of breath, so the staff at reception asked me if I had a family history of heart disease. I, rather unwillingly, shared that both my parents had heart attacks in their 50s. They were both smokers and alcoholics… The next thing I hear is “56 year old woman, EKG”. Most of us think we are 21 in our heads but hearing that is somehow shocking, especially since history seemed to be repeating itself.

To cut the melodrama short, my heart and lungs are fine. The ER doctor thought that I might have gone from hypo to hyper thyroid with the new medication but had to send off the blood samples for further investigation. They put me on a saline IV drip and gave me some Potassium to drink, as my levels were low. The nurse warned me that it tasted awful and mixed it with Gatorade. Gah! It tasted even worse than the stuff you have before a colonoscopy. With every sentence I sound like an old person. 😱

Other recent blood tests taken my GP showed that my B12 levels were low also. It is still a mystery as to the exact why but the word parasite has been brought up again. I was really trying to avoid my gastroenterologist but having had a parasite in the past, I will really need to do the dirty (to coin a phrase). Teddy took me to ER and sat with me through each boring hour. The doctor had pressed my tummy and I had gas. Teddy said, “Just let it out” and at that exact moment a trolley squeaked next door. He said, “How did you do that?” I was short of breath and struggle not to faint from laughing.

Later he discovered that if he said “Boo!” to me, my heart monitor would skip…oh, he is such a laugh. It did strike me that I was so glad that I have a husband to be with me. How hard it must be to be sick and alone. I have no family for many thousands of miles, with no parents or siblings. My friends have been very concerned and that touches my soul. I am very grateful to have health care through my husband’s job and will await the bill with trepidation. How lucky you are in other countries where you can go to ER without worrying.

Most of the worst symptoms are gone and I am resting at home, dreaming of walking on a beach in the sunshine. Back to blogging soon.

48 thoughts on “A spoonful of sugar…

  1. Oh, I feel for you. I’ve had sort of similar experiences recently (we always seem to match up). The UK bank holiday weekend I was rung at the crack of dawn by the locum doctor because blood tests the day before had shown dangerously low levels of potassium and I was told to go to A&E. I was feeling fine. By the time they’d finished with me i.e. pumping me full of potassium with a drip overnight, I had all the symptoms of low potassium and yet they took no notice when I told them. To cut a a long and tedious story short, I was discharged with fizzy potassium to take. I only took them Sunday evening because that on top of the drip gave me such shortness of breath, sickness and diahorrea that I thought I was going to die. Certainly wasn’t going to go back to hospital! The more time that elapsed from stopping the fizzies, the better I felt. I’ve since discovered that their blood test machine has been known not to work properly. Don’t know what to think. Ooh, I feel better getting that out of my system! Thanks, Kerry. Take it easy. x

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  2. OMG, and I thought they finally had you figured out! What a horrible experience for you to have to go through. I know I’ve told you before, but it bears repeating, – Don’t be worrying about us, we’ll be here – take care of yourself.!!

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  3. Oh you Poor thing …. And amazing thing – to be able to make comedy out of such a scary experience …. Mind you that was an impressively timed fart for which I would like to sincerely congratulate you! I do hope they manage to balance your thyroid meds – I know it can be a bit hit and miss to find the magic formula for each individual. Finally thank you (NOT) for reminding a gal who turns 56 next week that she actually really and truly isn’t 21 anymore. PS worse than the colonoscopy drink …. Oh. Good. Grief,,

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  4. Get well soon Kerry. We are so lucky in the UK (and Channel Islands) that emergency medical care is free to all. Yes, insurance gets you up the queue for non-urgent ops, and you get posher accommodation, but A&E (ER) is accessible to all at no cost.

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  5. Hope you’re feeling much better by now 🙂 and that soon some genius will find out what went wrong with you 🙂
    A scary experience when it involves the heart jumping like crazy , glad you had your dear husband with you and that humour did accompany you inside ER 🙂
    Wishing you better days ahead 🙂
    Turtle Hugs

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  6. Hope you are feeling loads better by the time you get this. Yuck, I cannot bear to taste terrible tasting stuff, I usually have the tendency to want to hurl before it even gets into my mouth, the smell does it for me for starters…..Hope you get sorted with all your levels and can feel 21 again soon. And, yes…I don’t think I would want to be ill or in hospital without the company of my hubby 🙂

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  7. Hey Kerry, I’m glad to hear that you’re feeling better. I had to chuckle when you wondered how much the er visit was going to cost b/c I do the same thing before making the decision to go. It’s like “okay I’ve got this copay, am I really having heart attack symptoms or is it acid reflux or even gall bladder issues? This is the thing that sucks about getting older especially for women because just about every symptom we have mimics a heart attack. Hopefully your doctor can get to the bottom of your issues and give you a diagnosis, it’s a pain not knowing. Take it easy.

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