Vandals in the suburbs…

Bloody Banditos!

Bloody Banditos!

I live in a forest and if you have ever seen the movie, “Over the Hedge” you will understand who our vandals are. Every season, I decorate the porch and this year I went with an orange and green theme. Topping my pine cone basket were some fake gourds that I have kept for 12 years…

After all these years, I know exactly who the perpetrators are – RACCOONS! There is plenty of food available, trees are hanging with fruits and berries so this was just playtime. Those little hands get into everything. I started laughing when I saw the devastation and when I was at the grocery store I bought a small real pumpkin, so their tummies won’t be full of polystyrene. The checkout girl gave it to me free, as it was out of a bag, and I told her my banditos will be grateful (or skunks or possums)
At home, I carefully cut a wedge and put it back together so it would be easier to eat. Yeah, I know I am loco…

Redecorated porch

Redecorated porch

Now the porch decor is intact again and I was feeling delighted with my art and largess towards the critters. Then I went into the back yard. As you know, two of our old pussycats died this year and we buried them in the garden. On a darkly funny note, something has been trying to dig into Zhenny’s grave, perhaps they are tomb robbers? She was an Egyptian princess, after all. My wonderful gardener came around, put down fresh mulch and dug in some plants. Since it looked so perfect, I added a couple of Dia de LosΒ Muertes candles to their graves.


Zhenny’s shrine


Not only did they desecrate the graves by knocking over the candles but carried another fake gourd around to the back and destroyed it on the deck. We heard nothing. I guess we are so used to the nighttime chirrups and squeaks that we don’t hear it anymore. Ah, the joys of living with wildlife. πŸ˜€πŸŒ²

20 thoughts on “Vandals in the suburbs…

  1. Raccoons seem to always want to destroy things – they have no reason to be nice to other’s property. What are you going to do, they do what they do best. Happy Sunday Kerry, hope everything is going well with you. πŸ™‚

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  2. I think it was easier for them to get into something that was readily available, on the ground already, rather than climbing up in the trees. I believe there’s a term in psychology for that but my skills are a bit rusty…

    Enjoy living in a forest, Kerry!

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    • Over the years we have had a few hilarious encounters. I found one clinging halfway up the corner wall in the middle of the night and another time they stole my Crocs and took them into the reserve.


  3. Haha. I was worrying about Houston crime when I read your header Kerry. Jersey’s cricket team is due to arrive there in the next few hours for a training camp before travelling on to LA for a tournament πŸ™‚
    Love the dark thoughts about tomb raiders.

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    • You are too kind, Lynne. My favorites are the skunks; they garden and chirrup all night long. They seem to echo-locate the babies. One night (on our infrared camera) the Mama Possum, walloped the baby raccoons when they got too boisterous.


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