A perpetrator caught on camera!

Patsy Sue

Patsy Sue

After the Vandals in the Suburbs, we put the infrared camera out at night to see who our visitors were. This time it was Patsy Sue, the Possum! I am certain that the previous marauders on the porch were raccoons because Possums are gentle little critters – the only marsupial in America. Possums eat very slowly and noisily, with their mouths open (see the video at the bottom). In my mind, they are southern folks, so Patsy’s Mama was Betsy Sue and she was a big girl! Last year we caught her on camera, walloping the baby raccoons who were too boisterous. Was Mama Raccoon a Hoochie-Mama, out on the town meeting new guys?

The squirrels are all Hispanic because they are fast and talk very quickly. We had a Mario for a while until we realized it was a Marisol with swollen teats. Possums carry their little babies on their body, clinging onto the fur. My friend came across one at night and a Mama Possum covered in babies gratefully accepted some dog treats that she had in her pocket. You can’t really see Patsy that well because of the Infrared film but this is another one that was on the rooftop opposite Teddy’s work.

Teddy's Possum

Teddy’s Possum

This one is also a juvenile and look at that little face. Soooo cute, holding her stick! We sent my cousin in Canada a toy,stuffed Possum for a Christmas present and they wondered why we had sent a rat… They just have ratty tails but the funniest little feet.

Possum toes

Possum toes

Click on this red link to see Patsy Sue eating very slowly and noisily.

29 thoughts on “A perpetrator caught on camera!

  1. Kerry you are SUCH a kindred and more thn that a star ….you anthrpomorphsise rhe animals that share yiur space and by doing that you make em ours. God love you – you love all creatures great and small as we all should xx

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      • Between you, I and the gatepost, we are re-assessing our retirement plans in the wake of Brexit and given the uncertainty of what the election here will do to the Economy on which my husband’s pension is dependent and the upcoming French election which if it brings a far-right president could make it less than appetising to think about retiring to FRance. So next year we are seriously going to look at places to retire here …. critters and green space are the essential criteria wherever we are on the planet! X

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      • We are in exactly the same boat but would like to stay in Texas. El Paso seemed like a wonderful place but who knows. America is still a wonderful wide open place with space for all of us, especially in retirement. K x

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      • I think we will track North (you know how I am about snow) …. Vermont or the White Mountains of New Hampshire are top of the list with Maine third. However, I have a whole country to explore next year so we may yet be further south or even West – that’s the great thing about life isn’t it? If you give in to it it beckons in all directions in the most enticing way!!

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    • Poor little kitty – it must have been handled by humans at some stage to sit on your knee. That was sweet of you. Our feral, Katniss, has reappeared after months away. Her ear has been clipped to show that she is a neutered feral and is probably fed by someone but Kerry’s food is nice…

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