Black and blue with RED!!!

Red hair for autumn

Red hair for autumn

Teddy could tell something was amiss. I kept talking about how my hairdresser could cut my hair so that I could grow it long again… Then I asked his opinion which elicited a frustrated sigh. On Friday I woke up and decided to go red. It took three dyes and a sore head, but I did it. First I chose a light red which made my hair go the color of a Biscotti – meh. Then I dyed it dark auburn but it was very intense and too dark for my skin color. Finally I added a dark blonde and went to the hairdresser today to cut it into the color. Although I am proficient in dying my hair, red hair is difficult and by sheer luck the blonde and red worked well together, like unintended highlights. In a week or so, I am going to have it professionally dyed and then will touch up the roots myself.

I am wearing black and gold dangling earrings and my 13 year old boots.

I am wearing black and gold dangling earrings and my 13 year old boots.

While I was at the hairdresser, I went to my favorite thrift shop. What do you think of my blue and black bargain dresses. The longer one was $10 (originally nearer $100) and the tunic was just $4.30 (with an over 55 discount) – I am not proud! I even got my husband an almost new red check shirt for $4 and change.

This is a full picture of the turquoise blue/black dress, which is knee length. I have hematite and turquoise jewelry and my black stilettos which I can only wear when imbibing…I have been known to dance all night and wake up the next morning thinking I have stumps for feet.

I love lacy tights!

I love lacy tights!

On Friday night I was meeting friends and Teddy to celebrate a birthday. Nobody knew about the change in hair color but I would say it is a 90% success. Teddy loves it and friends commented that it seems to suit my skin tone better. It is fun to wear darker eye makeup for the winter and look somewhat Hispanic, for a change.

Bunny and Teddy at the birthday party.  He looks like the cat who got the cream...

Bunny and Teddy at the birthday party. He looks like the cat who got the cream…

42 thoughts on “Black and blue with RED!!!

    • Thank you so much, Roy. My husband hardly noticed the dress… We live in an affluent area with many bored housewives who donate used clothes to ME! One time my mum sold all my clothes to the pawn so I had to borrow clothes from the neighbor girls. πŸ˜€

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  1. Love you as a redhead and a blonde. I’ve done the same thing, was orangey-red in high school after using Sun-In…remember that? Or are you too young…probably too young. Then still in HS died it blonde…went back to brown, blonde again, brown again…with a perm…Yuck! Back to blonde, and then had a heavenly red color, a lot like your color now, for years and years…now its been back to blonde for over a decade…the grey in it, never takes the color and is very light…so instant highlights…by the way…did I tell you I loved this post…Your outfit is gorgeous. πŸ™‚

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    • Thank you so much for the lovely compliments. I am old enough to remember sun-in and the orange result.πŸ˜† I was born blonde, it turned almost black with reddish highlights. I have dyed it every color under the sun but even I couldn’t cope with this recent red and it is already back to a mousy blonde. Getting it done professionally on Monday and might ask her for blonde highlights. My grey was defeating the blonde, also. Wouldn’t it be easy to be a guy???

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