The purple dress


Teddy and I were in a local restaurant when he pointed out the hostess. At first I thought he was just pointing out her cute Star Wars top knots but it was her dress that he liked. In 34 years, I don’t think I can every remember him making a comment like that… “It would suit you”, he said.

I assessed the pretty blonde girl, in her mid twenties, wearing it and wondered if it would suit me. Before we left, I asked her where she got it. She was delighted to tell meΒ that she purchased it at Target and there were still a few left. We went straight to Target and one was waiting for me. Ta da!!

It still looks much better on her but it’s cute and my husband loves it. I am wearing it with creamy pink Sketchers lace cork wedge sandals and pink dangling earrings (all on sale over the last couple of years). The dress was $25 from a limited range – might be on sale today!!

You might be wondering about the new hair also… After a week, I couldn’t stand looking at myself in the mirror with red hair – see this blog. Everyone loved it but I didn’t recognize myself in the mirror. My real hair is silvery gray at the top and dark gray at the back and my complexion has changed also. I had already made an appointment with a new recommended colorist to intensify the red but I removed it with Color Oops and dyed it dark blonde.

The first attempt was too dark, despite being a blonde tone (my hair is a mystery to colorists). I said I wanted it lighter so she used a new technique on me that she learned from her Danish mentor. She mixed up bleach and used her hands to sponge it through the ends. I LOVE it! It is exactly the type of highlighting I have always wanted and it will be easier to maintain.

More El Paso tales to follow…


25 thoughts on “The purple dress

  1. Looking fabuLOUS! And the hair? I liked it red but you are like my equally gorgeous second daughter (natural hair colour akin to mine, was a fabulous auburn pin-up in her teens but has been blonde for the last 7 years) …. she says she’s blonde inside and I rather think you are too – its a state of mind thing and it suits you stunningly …. very very gamine!

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    • Thank you so much, Osyth. I looked back at the auburn blog and can see how attractive it was but like your daughter ‘feel’ blonde. I hope you had a marvelous Thanksgiving Day, yesterday. I was thinking about you because we moved here 12 years ago just before Thanksgiving and I prepared my first feast. 🍠

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      • I had a wonderful day. The turkey behaved reasonably well (no worse and in truth probably far worse than I would behave if I had been plucked, dressed and roasted) and it was a wonderful day. I raised a glass to all my American friends including you and my fellow bloggers and blogettes and it just felt really nice!

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  2. That dress would really suit you with your dark hair coloring. I have already dyed my hair a slightly different color. As soon as I washed it, the highlights went brassy but now it looks nice with a neutral toner. Off to Mexico next week so might have a gap in El Paso tales.

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